Core Confidence Life

Understanding the numbers that make you you. Cracking the code!

Get your 14 page free Emotional Guidance Report! Find out how you can elevate your emotional vibration, along with a surprise add on!

The world is made up of energy and vibrations. Everything from humans to animals to objects have an energy vibration. As a sentient being, you can work with these energies once you crack the code.

With numerology, you are able to see the force behind your life. It will reveal the core energies that you are moving through.

When you get a reading with us, we will touch on…

  • Personal identity and direction
  • Relationships and sexual satisfaction
  • Career and public standing
  • And More…

Using numerology, a long with astrology and other metaphysical tools, we will help you understand and use the powers you have been given to create your best life.