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Helping introverted and stigmatized men to develop their purpose and own their unique masculinity

  • Shy, introverted or feel out of touch with your masculinity and want to gain more confidence in your purpose, social and everyday settings?
  • Coming out of a difficult relationship and need to regain your sense of your masculine self?
  • Feel shunned or disconnected from others due to an aspect of who you are and want to own your unique masculine power? E.g> Fatherless home, Gay/Bi, Disabled ETC.

We can help you move from passenger of your life and put you in the driver’s seat! The Authentic Masculine Program (AMP). is just the thing for you!

  • Develop strong self-confidence and hone your unique masculine style and energy.
  • Communicate effectively with friends and partners, attracting the right people for you.
  • Owning and loving your masculine sexuality and satisfying your partner as well as yourself.

Along with our main course, we also have other books, audio, workshops and mini courses to support you on your next level of life.


Core Confidence Life’s mission is to inspire, Support and Promote holistic based principles to enhance the personal success of every man. We aim to create a world of compassionate, confident and conscious leaders and mentors.