For Confident, Integrated, Soul Centered Men

The Core Confidence Life is a site dedicated to the healthy development of men. CCL supports and promotes a soul/spirit centered lifestyle. Through coaching, consulting, and education, CCL helps men become fully integrated, confident, and successful

  • Live by your values instead of going with the crowd
  • Take intentional action instead of second guessing yourself
  • Understand your intrinsic value instead of looking for others approval

A soul centered man is a man not run by ego, but operating from the inner Self, connected to the genuine spirit or psyche present in each of us.

As a core confident, soul/spirit centered man you will perform better at work, feel comfortable with communication, be at ease with your masculine self, and be a man others can admire.


  • If public speaking is in your future, this is the place for you. Develop skills, and become a confident, calm and competent communicator!
  • Increase productivity, develop better relationships and lower stress all by stepping into that confident soul power. Using tools, methods and philosophy, you can take charge of your life, stop playing small, and get exactly what you want!

Dennis R Sumlin, Founder, The Core Confidence Life LLC.

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