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Confidence and Communication are the keys to power and prosperity

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Lets have a 30 minute conversation to look at your goals and aims, and so I can tell you just how to become the Core Confident communicator I know you can be.

When you are confident in who you are, and you are also armed with the power of effective communication, you will experience success and happiness in all areas of life.

  • On Stage: You will captivate your audience and have them support your message or cause
  • Social Settings: You wil be able to speak to anybody with ease and attract great friends and relationships.
  • Personal Life: You will experience better sex, a deeper connection with your partner, and a better understanding of self.

Imagine how great it would be to no longer feel anxiety at the thought of social gatherings. Imagine the ability to inspire people to take action on your message. It can happen to you!

Speaker and Educator
Authentic Master Program For Speakers
July 18, 2020

I had recently decided to pursue a public speaking career as a new direction in my life as an educator. In reaching out to local professionals and amidst many automated email responses, I came across Dennis from Core Confidence Life. He had a sincere interest in assisting in my development. He was the perfect voice and perspective
for me both then and now.

The sessions were outstanding. Dennis is an inspiring individual with a ton of knowledge and a huge heart. The world would be a better place with more like him, and I am
so glad that his work is aimed at just that.

I gained confidence, assurance, specific direction for improvement, a trained and experienced ear for feedback, and knowing that there is an amazing person doing amazing things for others.

If you are looking to improve your public speaking skills for any reason, Dennis is your man. If you are looking for an inspirational figure to give
you confidence in your chosen pursuit, Dennis can surely assist.