Develop self-confidence on stage, in the office, or at home!

Second best is no longer good enough!

How far have you gotten by second guessing yourself, playing small, and being overly self conscious? I bet not far. It’s time to change methods!

Confident people…

  • Communicate effectively to one person or a room full.
  • Make more money and can see their goals through to the end.
  • Are seen as leaders, and have sex appeal.
  • Are happier.

Dennis R Sumlin at City Colege in New York

When you are confident, it surges through your mind, body and spirit. My name is Dennis, and as the founder of Core Confidence Life, I will help you confidently take command of your life, and harness your natural power to get what you want.

Steve H

My life was at a standstill. I was experiencing lack of will power and I needed to reorganize my priorities, and develop a career plan.

After the first time I spoke to Dennis I found it quite easy to open up as he provided a nonjudgmental ear and understood the challenges of low self-confidence and choosing the right path.

The coaching experience was open and free, but at the same time, focused and purposeful. The communication was direct, which allowed for comfort and honesty. Together, we were able to design strategies to uncover my true motivation.

I gained more confidence in my own potential, was able to set a vision for my education and career path, and felt heard and understood. I also gained new tools to deal with future challenges.

I highly recommend Dennis if you need a space to reprioritize your goals or to get a fresh look at who you are.

Steve H Earth Keeper Stones Confidence Coaching October 18, 2017