Core Confidence, Living from your soul

Confidence is the belief in your abilities in a particular area, but core confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities as a whole.

Hello, my name is Dennis R Sumlin, as a coach, consultant and educator; my goal is to help you improve your life by developing core confidence, and that means living from your soul, while keeping the ego in check. .

When you live from your soul, you will become a better speaker. You will have more confidence and deliver your message effectively. In business, living from your soul will help you increase productivity, work smarter, and stay focused. In your personal life, living from your soul will result in lower stress, better relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose.

The only way to be you is to be the true you. If you are sick and tired of procrastination, being uncomfortable talking to people, negative self talk, flat lining relationships, anxiety, and other limitations, stick around here. If you are looking for a deeper meaning in life, a way that will move you to the next successful phase in life, I will show you how by taking you to the soul of the matter.

The shallow society we live in plays to our ego mind, but tells us to believe in ourselves and be confident, but provides no support for developing that confidence. That stops with me!

Core Confidence

Dennis teaching a class in Bronx, New York