3 C’s to seas your dreams, Manifest your mission

Who ever we are, and where ever we come from, most of us want to know the answer to one simple question. How do I make a difference? Out of that come questions like…

  • What are my talents?
  • How do I use my talents to make that difference?
  • What is that difference?

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, change maker or public speaker, you can take these three steps to begin to manifest your mission, to use your natural power to change the lives of others while creating the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

Claim It!

The first step in using your power is to start by claiming it. You cannot use something that you do not own. Just like you cannot call a house yours until you buy it, you have to first take notice of your own power, and then claim it.
Get to know yourself. Make a list of your best qualities. Things that you or close friends and family say about you. For example: good singer, strong leader, sense of humor, communicates well, thoughtful, helpful, compassionate, good listener and so on.

Remember to resist the temptation to compare yourself to other people. Nobody has the same strengths in the same balance as you do. We are all individuals, and cannot be fairly measured against what others do or do not have.
When you see your talents and strengths laid out in front of you, claim them, and accept them, no questions asked!

Cultivate it!

Once you have clearly identified your strengths and talents, it will serve you well to cultivate those qualities. Its time to sharpen what you already have. For example, if you find that you have a knack for speaking, take a speaking course, or hire me as your Speaking Coach! If you have a knack for numbers and business, take a business class. The point is to build and develop your strengths, and use them to build your empire. Any ability can always get stronger, and there are multiple ways to use any one strength.

Incorporate it!

The act of incorporation is to introduce a part into a whole. Applied to talents and strengths, you can take a new or developed strength and fit it into your already existing venture.

For example, you already have a business up and running, then you introduce your sharp speaking skills. This helps in bringing in more customers and investors, while raising your company’s profile. Thanks to
that Life Coaching course, you now have another dimension of skills in your counseling practice to benefit your clients.

Putting it together

Claim it, cultivate it, and incorporate it! These three steps will help you spot, spark, and succeed using the natural power and talent that you have been given. I challenge you to name 10 talents that you have. Just 10! Sit in a quiet spot, ask the question, then listen and write.

If you want to develop the core self confidence to take charge of your life, attract the relationships you want, and gain clarity in life, lets meet to look at your numerology chart. A reading will help you identify the things that you bring to the table, and it will help you build a greater table!

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Author: Core Confidence Life

Core Confidence Life is an astrological, numerological, and self discovery service. We provide in depth readings, classes, and special member only benefits. Our goal is to guide and assist you into stepping in and owning your personal power so you can direct your destaney and become what the creator made you to be.

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