3 Powerful self-discipline methods, and how to apply it to your Numerology chart

There are plenty of ways that can contribute to self-discipline and be successful in all aspects of your life. Whether in terms of your fitness, relationships or work ethic, self-discipline is the most important trait that you need, in order to be able to accomplish whatever you want. For example, a lot of successful people understand that discipline is the gateway to the achievement of their work or personal goals. In fact, they learned how to use discipline in their favor and be successful.

The following are 3 ways to become disciplined. You will also get tips on why each Life Path Number in Numerology needs to stay disciplined.

1. Set active goals

Active goal setting is a very important skill, if you want to become disciplined. In fact, it’s quite different than passive goal setting; with passive goal setting, you just set goals in your mind without properly define them. But active goals have a profound meaning; you make plans and maybe you have already found some strategies, in order to be able to achieve them as soon as possible. So, you need to set some long-term goals and you also have to actively track your progress towards your specific goals in life.

2. Ignore negativity

There may be people around you that can exert an immensely negative effect on you. But you don’t have to let them. More specifically, you don’t have to let words or even their expressions deter you. If you can not accomplish it, you can always seek advice from experts, in order to learn how to avoid negativity. For example, if people say what you want to accomplish is not possible or even sneer at your efforts, you should try to avoid them. Instead, you need to use your energy and strength and try to interact with positive people.

3. Practice Gratitude

You may spend too much time wanting a lot of things in your life. The habit of gratitude can help you move away from constantly wanting what you really don’t have. It’s time for you to start appreciating what you do have in your life and be happy about it. When you do this, you will begin to see some remarkable shifts in your life. Actually, the effects of gratitude are far-reaching. From improving your emotional well-being, to your mental health and spirituality, gratitude can offer you a lot. The most important thing is that gratitude can help you move from a state of lack towards a state of abundance. For instance, when you live in a state of lack, it’s impossible to focus on achieving your goals and being disciplined. So, you need to focus on positive things and try to succeed in your goals, without having stress.

Self Discipline for the numbers

Each number can use self discipline to focus on the energy that will push them forward.

LP1. Staying focused on your new ideas, independence, confident leadership, entrepreneurship, heart based goals, and successful ventures, instead of lapsing into co dependence, getting locked in your head, domineering behavior, arrogance, self centered attitude, controlling, and low self esteem.

LP2. Staying focused on finding solutions, developing healthy bonds of companionship, diplomacy, healthy nurturing, cooperation, trusting intuition instead of lapsing into over sensitivity, lack of identity, weak boundaries, emotional manipulation, gossip, and using truth as a weapon.

LP3. Staying focused on healthy self expression, creativity, leadership, notoriety, art, entertainment, optimism, beauty and spiritual growth instead of lapsing into self consciousness, second guessing yourself, pushing your luck, lack of direction, low class behavior, easily influenced, and incorrect groups and environments.

LP4. Staying focused on work, maintaining a solid security system for yourself and your family, practical solutions, logic, honesty, tried and true methods, and physical health instead of lapsing into workaholic, stubbornness, close mindedness, discrimination, and cutting corners and laziness.

LP5. Staying focused on healthy exploration, teaching and learning, moving with life’s changes and new adventures, travel, and diversity instead of lapsing into irresponsibility, addictive behavior, resisting change, socially deviant behavior, and becoming scattered.

LP6. Staying focused on creating work life balance, overseeing the healthy development of family and loved ones, developing and expressing creativity, mentorship, responsibility, and pouring love into yourself, friends and romantic partners instead of lapsing into perfectionism, hypocrisy behavior, bossiness, prejudiced, domestic abuse, gossip, and over commitment.

LP7. Staying focused on spirituality, logical solutions, finding the truth that resonates with you, education, undertaking a practice, music and developing trust in self and others instead of making yourself an outcast, escapism, drugs, mistrustful, over analyzing, egoism, and isolation.

LP8. Staying focused on success, financial stability, administrating affairs, trusting your hunches, the right use of power, spiritual awareness, maintaining healthy boundaries instead of lapsing into fear of risk, neglecting of health and home, workaholic, bossiness, prejudiced, and manipulation.

LP9. Staying focused on forgiveness, humanitarianism, guiding others to solutions, healthily moving through life’s changes and endings and compassionate love instead of lapsing into bitterness, fixing others problems, rescuing, holding on to the past, playing the victim, putting yourself last, arrogance, and condescending attitude.

LP11. Staying focused on personal growth, creativity, art, self mastery, leadership, spirituality, intuition, self transformation and unique insight instead of lapsing into over sensitivity, confusion, inner conflict, aimlessness, feelings of lack of belonging and unbalance yin and yang energy.

LP22. Staying focused on success, practicality, intuition, work, understanding the needs of the collective, practical and spiritual wisdom, big actions and projects, and stability instead of lapsing into rigidity, close mindedness, misuse of spiritual power, laziness, cutting corners, and workaholic.

LP33. Staying focused on teaching, nurturing, looking after the family, creativity, talent, wisdom, healthy commitments, and love instead of lapsing into hypocritical behavior, recklessness and carelessness, pushing your luck, creating broken families, and lack of focus.

If you want to get a deeper view of your numbers to get clarity on self discipline methods and vibrating at your highest expression, book a reading so we can count your blessings.

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