3 Smart ways to face up to your every day challenges

Challenges, we all have them. Some people call them problems, but I call them challenges. Conflicts with your partner, dealing with a difficult co-worker, or overcoming a lack of confidence, all have the potential to stop us in our tracts.
We are frustrated, sad or angry, and it is important to deal with those feelings. Look at them, accept them, and move through them. Sometimes, we may get stuck. We can become parked in our own upsetness, and continue to manifest problematic energy.
Giving ourselves space to feel our feelings is the first step, but how do we then begin to move through the situation in a productive way? How do we stand up and meet our challenges?

The following is in no particular order, but I just like numbering thingsā€¦.

1. Focus on the future

One of the most important things to remember is that nothing lasts forever. The challenges we face today will pass. While meeting our challenge, understanding that time will move things along can be a helpful thing to keep in the back of our mind.

Most situations are not dangerous or life threatening, they are just the everyday ups and downs of life. For me, just thinking about the fact that this too shall pass has given me that little extra push to keep going.

2. Think about the solution

When we are facing a challenge, we may start thinking about how it happened, and who is to blame. Understanding how and why we are facing a particular challenge is the first step in forming solutions. If we just focused on who did what, and who slapped who, and who called who a monkey looking cow, we will never reach the point of solvability.
Lay back, take a deep breath, and turn all that blame laced, problem dripping energy into something that moves the ball forward.

3. Seek the lesson

Most of us have heard phrases about silver lines and black clouds and rainbows after storms and so on. While those may sound too simple, they are true. In every challenge, there is often something we can learn from.
Accidently crashing my site enabled me to learn from it and become a better web builder. There is always something, in every situation that we can learn from. Through bad relationships, we may discover that we are worth more than that. Through a failed business deal we can learn to be better prepared.

When you approach challenges with a pro-growth mindset, the trip through the locus filled forest of issues will be much smoother.
How do you handle challenges?

Going Deeper

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