3 Things that change when you change

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We hear it all the time. Be positive, think positive and so on. Self-development messages dance around us from sun up to sun down. Things like, stop comparing, love yourself, and so on. The thing about all these messages is that they are all correct.

While life is not always positive, we can deal with life from a positive prospective. While we all have moments of insecurity, we generally should not measure ourselves against other people. When I finally started to apply these lessons to myself, I saw big changes.

  • 1. When I stopped comparing, I was able to focus more on my own talents, and became more confident.
  • 2. When I looked at negative events from a positive prospective, I was better able to see the lessons that each event was imbedded with.
  • 3. When I developed more love for myself I was better able to love others.

This all sounds great and has moved me forward in my life. So much so that I am ready to help you do the same. It will pay off both in quality of life and higher earnings. What could possibly be the downside to such an upward movement?

The downside to the upside

When I decided to make that change, when I decided to take the lead in my life instead of being led around like a puppy dog, I barked up a very interesting tree.
I saw that moving forward meant I would have to leave some things behind. I had to look at my life and decide what was serving me, and what was dead weight. Boy, what a load off!

1. Unhealthy people

When I say unhealthy people, I do not mean they should be in a hospital. I do not even mean that the people that get dropped are bad people. I mean that they are not good for your personal growth.

We all know them. People that always complain, who get caught in emotional loops, who seem to have the same problems all the time with no action to solve them, and it goes round and round.

When you spend lots of time with that kind of energy, it will make its way into your system, holding you back. These people, often times’ friends or family do not always mean to bring you down or damage your growth; they are just caught up in their own loop.

I had to let go and distance myself from people who brought down energy into my space. I felt horrible, like I was turning my back on them, but I was not. When you move forward, you need to surround yourself with people who fire up your energy, not drench it with water.

2. Unhealthy habits

When we make that move into a new lifestyle, old habits may have to go. When I first moved into the new flow, I had to rethink how I ate and what I did with my time. Soon, I cut back on my beloved soda and other junk food and transitioned to more fruits, water, and healthier ways to cook food. This change does not happen overnight, and I did not do it because I am some kind of a health nut. These changes naturally came into being by the act of having a healthier pro-growth mind-set. How far you go is up to you, and I still have junk I like, but the act of thinking different means thinking different in all things.
I also moved from having a fast lifestyle full of half-baked pseudo intimate adventures to one that is more careful with how I fill my time and what I do with my body. When your mind shifts, so will your habits. You do not need to force yourself. The old ways will become pointless to you.

3. Unhealthy content

When I stepped up my lifestyle game, I cut back on all the toxic messages in the news and society today. When you listen to decay, crime, and negativity too much, then your mind is always brimming with the taint of that energy. This does not mean that you should be out of touch with everything in the world. This does not mean you can’t hop on Facebook, but it does mean that you watch your intake.

Watch out for fads, commercials telling you what you need, and the general messages that give faults ideas on manhood, confidence and values.
Again, you will not have to force yourself to do this. The act of wanting something better, the act of thinking consciously, the act of getting your act together will naturally carry you into these new growth trends. Believe me; I would not drop soda for no reason!

Comfort Zone

The down side to upward movement is that we must let go of comfort zones. When we move out of comfort zones, if feels scary, and by definition, uncomfortable. The idea is to establish a new comfort zone, a comfort zone of change.

How would it feel to be in a comfort zone of confidence, where you are able to direct your thoughts, feelings and actions towards attracting exactly what you want in a partner, a career, and life. Within weeks, you can have the tools that will move you into a new reality, and become the confident attraction master you were born to be

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