3 Things to remember when understanding your self-worth

What is self-worth? Self-worth is the internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others. Self-worth does not mean you compare yourself to others, or only live for others approval.

When you have strong feelings of self-worth, you do not need other people to define you. This also means you need to drop any victim mentality. They say no one can make you feel anything without your permission. This is more true than you might realize. It’s up to you to decide who you are. No one else has this right.

When people try and define you, they are mostly projecting their version of the world on to you. In this crazy social climate we live in, we have arguments over what other people call themselves. Astrology, Numerology, Typology, Human Design and other practices show us that each person has a unique, one of a kind design. While people share trates and have similar life experiences, no two lives are alike.

Two people can have the same opinion, but come at it two different ways. Two people can have the same personality traite, but use it different, have a different opinion about it and its roll, and has it at a different strength level.

Self worth is inborn, not measured, judged, and awarded by law makers, religious folks, or the cranky old fuck next door. Self-worth is a natural outcome of birth.


Who you are has very little to do with whatever emotion you happen to be feeling in the moment. If you are not happy, it does not mean that you are not worthy period. You’re going to feel what you’re going to feel. Individuals with high self-worth realize this and accept their emotions for what they are: a reflection of their emotional state and not of personal value. Emotions pass through you, they are not part of you. While I believe that we do not need to chase happiness, we just need to step into it, however, the level of good or challenging emotions does not change your worthiness. You can relax into that idea.

Material possessions

Who you are has a whole lot less to do with what you have than you might think. It doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account, whether you are wearing the right clothes or if you have the “right” education. Your value has a lot more to do with who you are inside than who you are outside. You can still be worthy even if you have very little in the way of possessions or money.

The homeless dude on the street has the same human worth/value as the owner of Facebook. A poor woman in South Africa has the same worth as the president of the US. A transgender disabled teen living in a trailer park in Laremy Wyoming has the same human value as a multi millionaire who just won the lotto and married his high school sweetheart.

Do not allow the western, capitalist, ego driven, judgemental culture destroy your personal sense of self-worth. The consumer marketing structure rely on people’s lack of self-worth in order to make a profit. Do not become their cultural credit card. Material things are here for the icing on the cake, but you are the cake. Enjoy digesting the realness of who you are.

Understanding Where Mistakes Fit

Everyone messes up now and again. The person with self-worth recognizes this. They take responsibility for the action and understand that just because something went wrong, it doesn’t change who they are as a person. They still value themselves even when they make a mistake. Keeping mistakes in prospective will allow you to see through those that will use guilt or shame to control you. Religion gains members through playing on people’s shame. The biggest mistake you can make is discounting yourself out of personal happiness.

There are other things people with high self-worth do. They practice empathy, especially with themselves. They love their job and set goals that make sense to them. The common thread? They do things that honor them. They don’t make compromises or get caught up in doing what they think they ‘should’ but instead focus on what’s right for them.

You can do this, too, by merely paying attention to your choices and holding fast to who you are.

Metaphysical anatomy of low self-worth

It may seam that some people are born with more natural confidence and sense of self worth, but others happened to get a good supportive family. Still others had the right mentors. Self worth is not something that only lucky people get, its something that we all can reach.

Sometimes, the road to building self-worth is slow, but still possible. If you have a Chiran in Taurus, Aries, or Virgo, you can still build it. If you have heavy Pisces placements, Saturn sitting on your Sun, or a 12th house Venus, you can still build it. If you are a Lifepath 2, or have a 3 Challenge number, you can still count yourself worthy. If you have an open will center, or under estimate yourself because that is what some INFJ’s do, turn it around.

Understand that emotions, materials, and personal mistakes do not define you as a person. No matter what your chart says, your friends says, even your own self-doubts say, you are worthy of life, you are worthy of love, and you are worthy of claming personal happiness.

If you want to gain more understanding about your chart, develop methods to boost your personal sense of worth, and have better relationships, Lets take a look at your life energy!

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