3 tips to deal with burnout, and solutions for each life path number

Do you feel over worked? Do you feel like you have no time to take a moment and breathe? If so, you may have burnout. Burnout is a real and quite damaging condition. Once you find yourself suffering from burnout, it can be difficult to turn your life around. This is why it is necessary to take steps to try and avoid burnout.

In the ever changing world we live in, we are told to work, make money, put food on the table, be there for our friends, partner, kids, family, and on and on. All this activity with no time to chill out can backfire. If you are a life path 4, 6, 8, or 1, you may have a hire chance in getting caught up in burnout than others. If you have strong Capricorn, Virgo, or Aries energy, you can use a rest. There are many ways to handle this, but we will look at three ways, and some ways that each Life Path number can chill out.

1. Set Boundaries

No matter what your profession may be, it’s important to have boundaries. You can’t be available around the clock; this is simply impossible. So, to prevent burnout, it’s critical to establish boundaries of times you will not be available. This means that you won’t be in the office or available by phone or email during these times. If you are in a management position, it might help to post these hours somewhere or adjust your email auto-reply, so people know you will answer as soon as you are available. Sometimes, you have to put relaxation or personal time on the to do list.

2. Have A Work-Life Balance

Besides just setting boundaries, you need to have time to do things that aren’t workplace-related. This means you have time for your hobbies, your family, and just doing what you love. This doesn’t have to be complicated, and it could be as simple as taking one afternoon a week to go for a walk in your favorite park. Whatever it may be, it needs to be something you want to do, and you need to put your foot down if work ever tries to interfere with your time. We all need time for self care, fun, and jumping into some hobbies.

3. Put Yourself First

Whatever could be going on at your job, if you start not to feel well or feel overwhelmed, you need to put yourself first. This means that, even if your group just started a new project, if you need a mental health day, you take one. You will be no use to your group if you begin to feel burnout and your mental abilities begin to deteriorate.

Putting yourself first is especially important when you start to feel the symptoms of an illness. Although it may be tempting to say it’s just a cold and go to work anyways, this will only make you feel worse and put yourself closer to burnout. Stay home and rest instead.

In this crazy world, we are told that putting ourselves first is selfish. Well, so what! The term “selfish” does not mean bad. When you put yourself first, make sure you are in a good flow, and clear your mind, that is when you can show up for your loved ones and work projects at your best.

De prioritizing yourself in favor of others is counter productive. You cannot be their for them in the way they may need if you are not there for yourself. If you think you can, just wait…

Overall, in this day and age, it may seem difficult to avoid the condition of burnout. But you can—as long as you remember to set boundaries, have a work-life balance, and put yourself first. And if you follow these tips, not only will you avoid the damages of burnout, but you’ll also go through life feeling less stressed as well.

How to chill out

Not everybody can relax in the same way. We are all different, and fun means different things to us. I love spending time alone while others love to party to relax. Based on your life path number or dominant energy, here are some ideas.

LP1. When stressed, it may be good to do something solo, or hit the gym or good natured competition with friends. The Sun energy can get over heated.

LP2. One-On-One time may be just the thing. A few hours with a close friend, taking a nice shower or other calm relaxing things may do the trick.

LP3. Fun is the name of the game. When stressed, you may want to hang with friends, go to a party, or do something exciting or entertaining. Let your wild fire burn, but not burn out.

LP4. Since you can be one of the people who can really get burned out with long ours of work. You definitely need to put your free time on your agenda. When free, do not think about work at all. However, you may still need to feel productive, so pick up a hobby or project that is connected to something, or some skill you want to learn. Massages and comity could be great releases.

LP 5. You need things that stimulate your mind, even when not working. You are another one that may need to interact with people to relax. Vacations to interesting places, meeting new people and making sure that each day includes some new experience that keeps your mind and interest humming.

LP6. With this number, the main lesson is about self care. You definitely need boundaries! Work and family is meant to be balanced with time to relax and pursue your own talents. Work on the music project or creative writing project you are doing. A nice night out with a romantic partner will allow you to let the stress go.

LP7. You need to take time to go into your inner world. The world that only you created. You need space and time. You may want to go on a trip, create your own spot in the house that is just yours, do some writing, anything that will help you to reconnect to self. Its a time to put things back in prospective.

LP8. If would be good if you had somebody to take some of the load off of you. You do not always have to oversee everything. Take a trip, spend time with friends, buy something super nice for yourself, and enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

LP9. You spend so much time helping others, that its time to take your own good medicine. Allow other people to do things for you. Take time to treat yourself nice. Buy something you want, spend some time traveling or taking up a healing practice.

Do not let the burnout boogie man get you!

Going deeper

If you want to get more details on how to lower stress and reduce burnout, we can take a look at your numbers an see what counts. Find out the best ways to balance that ever present work life thing. Book A Reading.

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