4 Facts to remember if you want to manifest what you want

Do you ever wonder why things do not go your way at times, even though you feel you are doing the right things? Do you feel that you have no control over what happens to you? Do you find yourself repeating the same cycle with the same kinds of people and relationships? You can change all that around.

We have way more say over what happens to us than we think we do. All it takes is using the natural power that we all have. The problem is that many of us were taught not to use it. Many of us were taught that things happen to us and we just have to deal with it. We were taught that we cannot have everything we want. While its true that we cannot control things outside of us, we can control many aspects of what we attract and what we repel.

When you hear the word “Manifestation” or “Law Of Attraction (LOA)” what comes to mind. For some, you may already know that your energy has an effect on things around you, others may not believe in the idea of LOA or manifestation. You can in fact create what you want in this world through your personal spirit power, but its not the way you may have seen on TV or some websites.

I am going to give you a short list of things you can do when learning how to manifest things in your life. The concept of manifestation is misunderstood. You cannot just sit on your couch and wish for 1999 dollars and puff, you get it. There are a few factors that make manifestation work.

1. Don’t think of what you do not have, focus on what you want.

Thinking in lack is where wishing usually comes from. When we think in lack, then lack is all we see. When something good happens to us, we get a quick serge of appreciation, then back to the lack as our minds shift back to form. Manifesting what you want will not happen nearly as effectively if you always focus on what you don’t have. Change how you think and talk about things. For starters, change “I Wish” to “I will have”. Stop speaking about what you don’t want. Change “I don’t want to get sick” to “I want to have good health”. See the difference?

2. Take inspired action.

Life is a co-creative platform, the more energy you put into what you want, you will attract more than you think. The action supports the energy. Some things can happen through direct action, but some things are attracted to you based on the level of energy/vibration you are carrying. We all respond to energy. You are drawn to people who are happy and positive more than those who are mooddy and negative. The energy you put out when you take inspired action will bring forth people and opportunities that you could not get through direct action itself. The action you take must align with the things you want.

3. Don’t time it.

Manifesting is not an overnight thing. It is not a light switch. Spirit time does not work on earth’s clock. Some things come quick, and some things manifest over time. What people think is luck is actually manifestation that cannot be gained through direct action. As people we make the mistake of being impatient. We want things now. Instant news, fast food, and movies on demand. The universe does not work that way. Some things you want can come quick, but others take time. In order for something to take place, other things must fall in place. If you are trying to manifest a partner, who ever that partner is must be in a position to first be ready for a relationship, then land in a situation where they meet you and so on. Those chain of events can take a while to fall into place, so think about what you want in a positive light, then become unattached to how long it takes, and before you know it….boom!

4. Clean out your system.

In order to be able to attract and manifest the things you want, you need to clean out the negative energies, heal some old scars you may have, and challenge beliefs about aspects of life. The way we see the world, and the things that we take in from our environment can affect our moods, thoughts and energy if we are not firm about standards and boundaries. If you believe that you should not be rich cause the rich are evil, then guess what, you may never be rich. If you believe that nobody will date you cause you are over weight, too short, have a birth mark, or what ever, then you will take actions that reinforce this belief, and you will back away from actions that look promising due to your belief. Be careful about what you take in, and the types of beliefs you have about this. You can also be dragged down by others bad energy, and fall victim to the mass media shaping what you think about the world. Stay on top of that and your path to manifestation will be smoother.

Manifesting and attracting does not work on words, it works on energy and intention. When you generate confidence and inspiration within yourself, you raise your vibration, leaving an easy path for good to come to you. We all manifest more of what we focus on. This bares repeating. We all manifest what we focus on, not what we say we want. Many of us are taught not to believe in attraction law, manifesting and such, so we miss a chance to design more of our lives the way we want it. If you try just one of these tips, you will see the difference.

If you want to boost your confidence, get your life unstuck and design your future through manifesting and intentional action, lets have a conversation. Contact me so you can access the inner tools you have to map your own life.

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Author: Core Confidence Life

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