4 Habits to become unadicted to

There are plenty of ways that we can spend our time. Reading, exercising, playing sports, bar hopping, or watching 80’s reruns on TV are all fun things to do. There are also tons of things that we often do that totally waste our time and bring us down. Let me tell you, you can find better things to do than these. How much time do you spend doing these?

1. Living in the past

If you spend your time rolling around in the dusty sandbox of the past, you will be spending each present moment shaking out your underwear. While it is just fine to kick back and relive some good times, spending too much time in the way back machine takes our eyes off of the current moment and all that is in front of us.
Many of us carry around regrets and judgments from the past in our mental wallets. The longer we spend thinking about the past, the more negative thoughts and images will spring up. Do not waste your time. Drop the past in favor of the present. Drop the regrets in favor of new chances. Instead of living in the past, use it as a tool to make a better future.

2. Caring what people think

While it is wise to take in prospectives from others, focusing all our time caring about the thoughts and opinions of others is pointless. There is always going to be people who like you, don’t like you, love your ideas, hate your ideas, and so on. There is a person that could come up with just about any view point you can think of. Keeping your attention on these things only makes you scared to do much of anything for fear of another’s take.

In order for us to move forward with anything, we have to put aside others opinions and believe in the worth of our deeds. No one can live our life for us, and what kind of life would it be spending time looking at things through others eyes instead of our own.

3. Blaming others

When we blame others for the things that have happened to us, we give up responsibility for our own lives. We are saying that we are helpless, and that our lives are out of our control. We become victims of our circumstance and the whims of other people.
Not only does this waste our time, but it leaves our human potential a drift. We spend time thinking of all the ways that our upbringing, past relationships, alleged disabilities, or other factors limit us from parts of our lives. Does it really?

Stop blaming your mammy, stop blaming your X, stop blaming the kid who punked you for your lunch money in second grade, stop blaming Obama, stop blaming Trump, stop blaming Biden. Claim your life, and make it work!

4. Comparing yourself to others

When we compare ourselves to others, we count their fortunes instead of our own. We put ourselves down and smother our fire. We gaze out of the window of their private jet while ours shakes and flutters.
It is fine to admire somebody, respect them, and even take tips from them, but we must take what we see and make it our own. We must live our true purpose and plant our own seeds. We each have our own gift to bring to the table, and there is only one table exactly like yours.

When you find yourself involved in one of these party pooper scoopers, what do you do to refocus?

Going Deeper

We all have a goldmine of potential that we can draw on. Why gawk at somebody else’s gold instead of opening our own vault.

In Numerology, your potential can be seen through your achievement number and your destiny/expression number. In Astrology, you can see it by looking at your North Node and other placements. If you want to gain better insight on how to unleash your power, book a reading with me so I can give you the countdown to the goldmine of your potential!

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Author: Core Confidence Life

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