4 Steps to kick off your morning with confidence

It’s that time, you guessed it, time to get up out of bed. After a restful night, it’s time to hit the ground on your grind. Throw back the covers, and don’t wake your lover. It is now up to you to plan your daily menu. If you are like the average person, you wake up at 6AM, but if you are like me, you prefer 5AM. Eather way, make sure you get enough sleep. It gives the body time to replenish testosterone, repare the body and other benifits.

Most highly successful people wake up early. The more time you give yourself in the morning, the more able you are to take on the day. Regardless of when you wake up, kicking off your day with the following steps will have you ready for the challenges that await you. These are the ways I start my day.

Most highly #successful people wake up early. The more time you give yourself in the morning, the better your #proformence is throughout the day. Share on X  

1. Greet the day.

The first thing I do is give thanks to the spirit for giving me another day. It is always important to remember that there is a force larger than us that makes all this possible. Get up, give thanks, and ask that you have the strength to face the days mission.

2. Set the intention

What do you want to happen today? How do you want to feel? What is going to be your mindset for the day? This is up to you. You are in control of this. It is important that you have a clear idea of what you are doing, and how you are going to feel doing it. Words are powerful, so make sure you want to hear what you are saying. You can write it down, look at your vision board, or anything that helps you focus on the intention of the day.
You may also want to use this time for some exercise or meditation. Morning meditation is very beneficial. Things are quiet, so take this time to connect with yourself and become centered.

3. Conscious showering

For me, nothing feels better than a nice hot shower, and the steam is good for the skin.

As you stand in the shower, feel the water all over your body. This is another chance for you to become centered. Notice every feeling, every sensation and every element around you. Live in the moment. Soak up the feeling. When you are done, you will be fresh. When you look in the mirror, you should see your biggest advocate looking back at you.

4. Freelance time

This time is set aside to work on personal or business projects, spend time with the family, read the paper, and other productive things. By the end of the day, many people are tired, and ready to disengage after a long day. The morning is when your mind is alert, and your energy is high.

Kicking it off

These steps, along with a good breakfast, and maybe some love making, will kick your day off right. When you sit at your desk, the first thing you do are the tasks that you do not want to do. This clears them out of the way while you are fresh. This can make the rest of the day run smooth.

What is your morning routine? How does it affect your day? What can you do to make it even better? You can get a Numerology reading to give you more clarity on other ways to be energetic and productive.

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