5 Important steps to a positive mindset

Yes, it’s that word again. The “P” word. The word is “positivity”. You hear it all the time. Stay positive, be positive, think positive, and so on. Many people have a wrong impression about this and related words. Being positive does not mean you walk around with a smile 24 hours a day, skipping through the meadow with cute puppy dogs following you while suppressing all other feelings. Positivity is a mindset that can help you through tough times. While it is normal to acknowledge and deal with negative feelings and emotions, it is important not to become consumed by them.

Maintaining a positive outlook has many benefits such as decreased rates of depression, lower stress, better coping skills during hardships, a longer life, more endurance, and other bonuses. Due to the multiple benefits that positivity has to offer, it is worth the time to make sure you stay on its path.

1. Be open

As stated above, positivity does not mean disregarding life’s misfortunes, it just means looking at your situation, making the best of it, and using the tools you have in the moment.

Like many people, I use to resist positivity. I would be blinded by the negative situation I was in, and allow myself to find reasons to stay in that place. I would soak, wallow, and roll around in the negativity, and lose sight of other options.

Some situations are more challenging than others, and losing prospective can be very easy. As long as you stay open to the concept of positivity, you have a fighting chance.

2. Watch what you think

Many things in our mind are on automatic. Before you know it, while in a negative situation, your mind flies into action with all kinds of negative thoughts and conclusions, and next thing you know, you are sinking.

When in such moments, be conscious of what you are thinking. When you are conscious of your thoughts, you can then shift them. You can flip the switch, and create new thoughts. After a while, those new thoughts will become the default.

3. Watch your surroundings

It is easy to slip into automatic negativity if you are around things that support that. Who do you spend your time with? What activities do you engage in? What shows do you watch? Do they support positivity or not? When you change what you do and who you are around, then it is easier to change your mindset. We do not live in a vacuum. The things around us have an affect on what we think. Do you have people that support you? What kind of energy do your friends bring in your home? How do you like to spend your time? When you know this, then you have the answers you need.

4. Stay in the moment

Very often, our mind bounces from thoughts of the past to thoughts of the future. We project negativity on to our past stories and we send negativity into our future thoughts. If you can keep your mind on the present moment, you stand a better chance in staying positive.

5. Maintain gratitude

Regardless of what our situation is, there is always something, and most likely, more than one something to be grateful for. When we keep our fortunes in mind, it makes it harder for negativity to grab the controls.

The start

When shifting to a mostly negative mindset to a positive one, it can take time. Since our minds are on automatic, we have to introduce a new program into our mental computer.

Meditation and diet can also help in this process. Like many people, I fall short of this from time to time, but I remain open to the process. What do you do to maintain a positive outlook? What are some of the things that help you when you are in a negative space?

If anxiety and negative thinking zaps the confidence out of you, zap back! Lets talk about a program to regain your self-confidence and out smart negativity!

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