5 steps to breaking that inner limiting voice and set yourself free

How are you your own worst enemy? We limit ourselves so much. We live in our heads and come up with all these ways to keep us from getting anything accomplished. Even though deep down we know we’re good enough, and how much we’re fully capable of getting things done.

Yes, I do believe that we all know what we can do. However, self doubt and limiting thoughts will stop us from what we already know about ourselves.

  • If you are a Virgo, relax from the mental overdrive. Let the hidden sun shine through. Not everything needs to be perfect.
  • Libra can downplay everything because they have trouble believing in themselves and their talents, abilities, and skills. I am here to tell you, you have tons!!
  • Sometimes Taurus’ fear of failure absolutely paralyzes them. The better Taurus does on a project or in life, the more stress they can put on themselves.
  • Sometimes Geminis tend to sell themselves short because they feel as if they aren’t really deserving of the accolades they’ve gotten. Are you serious?
  • Life Path 2, 7, and 1 can also show these kinds of patterns. Believe me, I know. I am a 2.
  • If you have an open head center, watch what you take into your consciousness.

The only way to get past these self-sabotaging behaviors is to take active, intentional steps to remedy your thinking. Try these 5 steps that can shift your limiting beliefs for good.

1. Stop

Wait a minute; what were you thinking? If a thought feels off about something, it’s time to stop and examine this idea much closer. Is this perhaps a self-limiting belief? What?! How did that get there!

2. Think About What You’re Saying

Where is the lie in this thought? You’ve already figured out there’s something wrong with it, or you wouldn’t be going through this process. This means something about it is not ringing true. When you understand where the lie is, it becomes easier to know how to counter it. Remember, your brain can lie to you if you do not keep a check on it. It does not know any better.

3. Look for the Proof

Is there any proof this self-limiting thought is true? Let’s examine the part you feel is a lie. Here’s where you need to take a step back from the situation if you can and look very impartially at what’s going on. Is any grain of truth in what you’re thinking?

4. Take Control

If what you were thinking is a lie, it’s relatively easy to counter the false aspects of the statement with the truth. But what if this thought was at least partially true? You start by reminding yourself this isn’t always the case. For example, you might be thinking you are always late. Maybe you are, in fact, late sometimes. To perform this step, you would need to recall various instances when you were on time. By countering the lie, you are taking control of the situation, and not allowing the limiting belief to have any sway over you. Challenge it! Confront it! Never let lies live.

5. Get Help

Sometimes it can be challenging to remove limiting beliefs by yourself. In these instances, it can be beneficial to talk to a friend, or even a counselor, to help you see the truth. There is nothing wrong with getting help, especially from someone who is in a position to be impartial. Sometimes you just need somebody who is not involved directly in your life to help you kick down the door and handcuff those esteem robbers!

Self-limiting beliefs don’t have to control your life. By examining your thoughts, especially those that seem to hold you back, you will find it much easier to move forward toward your goals. Soon you will realize success.

Going Deeper

If you want the outside voice to help you defeat the lies, remind you about your gifts, and help you understand where you can use them, book a reading with me, so you can start to break free.

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Author: Core Confidence Life

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