5 surefire ways to lift your spirits

In this busy world we live in, many of us do not take time to stop and notice the small things that make a
big difference. With work, family, and other responsibilities, the subtle things in life are left undone.

Remember these small things. You would be surprised at the positive impact they make like…Pow!

1. Give thanks.

Every morning, when you wake up, after you stop arguing with the alarm, stand up and give thanks for another day. Give thanks that you made it to the other side of midnight, and give thanks for everything your life has given you. If you are not doing this already, it may be a little difficult to start and keep up with, but after a few days of doing it, you will see the difference. You will start to notice more positives in your life. You will find more and more things to give thanks for, and during the tough times, these positive grateful thoughts will give you some comfort.

2. Enjoy each moment.

Once a moment has passed, it has passed. No other moment will ever be the same. Even doing the same thing is different. Speaking the same words sounds different each time. Pay attention to the moment you are in and what you are doing in that moment. When you get up in the morning, pay attention to how your body feels, how you feel after giving thanks, how the shower feels as it hits your body, how the towel feels when you dry off. Notice the taste of breakfast and how the air feels when you walk out of the house. After a while of noticing these things, you will enjoy them a lot more, generally be happier doing activities that you thought of as routine, and you add more value to the experience of living.

3. Give yourself a hand.

So often we go through life with particular goals and other things that we want out of life and we forget to thank ourselves for giving us what we already have. What ever we have is because we played a roll in getting it. Thank yourself, remind yourself what you have, and tell yourself……good job! Celebrate new achievements no matter how small you think they are. Your small achievement could be the very thing another person is striving for right now!

4. Tell yourself about you.

This may sound odd. You already know you, right? What would you tell yourself anyway? Tell yourself what you see in the mirror. Tell yourself about how you love your muscular body, how tall you are, your attractive face, or what ever you see that looks good to you. Everybody loves to be complimented, and your no different. Tell yourself how much of a great person you are. You are funny, sexy, tough, smart, focused, calm, or any other quality you notice in yourself. If you have a hard time looking at yourself this way, think about the compliments others have said to you and repeat them. You will almost feel better as soon as you start saying the words, and it will improve your view of yourself and focus your mind on the good things. After a while, good aspects about you and others will seem to leap out in front of you.

5. Express yourself.

Tell people how you feel about them. We know the all too common story about people who do not express how they feel about each other until it is too late. That is one reason, but another reason is that it feels good. Openly expressing the love or respect you have for a person will generate good feelings in both you and them. They will most likely return the favor. Now the good feelings are bouncing back and forth.

These quick tips will show results fast, both within you and around you.

If you need more tips to help you face the future with confidence, feel free to book a reading with me so we can peak at your numerology chart and see the energies of your life.

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Author: Core Confidence Life

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