6 Brave steps to find a happy relationship, How to navigate the online dating world

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On this episode we talk about relationships. The first part, I talk about the 6 things you can do to raise your chances to find a happy relationship. In the second part of the show, we speak to Zach Schlein, a dating service app owner. We will talk about the best way to present yourself in an online profile, what to do when you video chat, and how his new dating service works. Don’t miss it!

Quick love tips

1. get specific. Know yourself and know what you want.
2. let go of your past relationships and definitions.
3. Watch out for booby traps. (instant sexual attraction and opposite attract).
4. Don’t seek just romance, seek partnership.
5. Go places where people have the same interest.
6. Attract others by being happy/confident/self-assured.

If you want to truly get to know the right kind of person for you, then attract them, lets talk! Dennis@CoreConfidenceLife.COM

Guest, Dating service app owner, Zach Schleine

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Determine the type of relationship you want, then become the person who’s ready to receive it.

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