6 Quotes to stoke your confidence

I am sure you have seen lots of quotes by famous people. There is always a happiness, confidence, will power, discipline, or achievement quote being hurld at us from time to time. Well, don’t duck now, I have more for you. I picked these quotes because they stand out to me and drive the meaning of my coaching work. These quotes come from the Famous Quotes Fun Pack, which you can…[ddownload id=”378″]

1. I have failed over and over again. That is why I succeed”. – Michael Jordan

This quote brings home the fact that there is nothing to fear from failure. First, when you fail, that means you were doing something, in which case, you can use that so called failure to learn how to do it better.

Years ago, when I first entered Toastmasters, even though I had done voice acting before that, starting to give actual speeches was something I had to get use to. My first few speeches sounded like a Heep of scattered thoughts. It was not until my fifth speech that I was starting to get the hang of it. Which of course reminds me of that speech contest where I flopped. However, if it wasn’t for those flops, mistakes and failures, I would not be the speaker and speaking coach I am today. There are plenty of quotes that communicate this point, I just happen to like this one.

2. “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big”. – Donald Trump

Yes, I know, Trump is a controversial name for some, but he said this before he was the 45th president. I like his quote because it is very matter of fact about success. We all think. Think about all the times you spend thinking about things that do not get you closer to your goals. The quote challenges us to use our thoughts to support our goals. We all think, and as long as we are thinking, why spend time filling our heads with gossip, negative self talk, judging others, and so on.

We could be thinking about the next project we are going to launch, the next client we are going to coach, or the next time we will try to run for president. It can be a battle to minimize negative talk and other toxins, but as long as we are thinking, well…you know the rest….

3. “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking”. – William B. Sprague

This is one of my favorites. Often, many of us seam to wait for good opportunities to come to us. We want to get lucky, we want the universe to synchronize with our wishes. The quote tells us that this old mindset will keep us moving slow. Instead of waiting for the right time, instead of waiting for that perfect moment or lucky stroke, go out and create our own opportunities.

Make that iron hot by striking! Why wait for that perfect moment, now is that perfect moment. There was no perfect time to launch my business. Yes, I needed to be competent in the areas that I teach and coach in, and yes, I needed to have at least some idea of who I am serving, but really, once I have that basic understanding, then what? When, oh when is that perfect time? Ask yourself, when is the perfect time to write your book, to ask that chick out, to start hitting the gym. Don’t wait till there is an open door, design and build your own door, then open that mother fucker!

4. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. – Theodore Roosevelt

Yes, a great quote from my favorite president. This quote leaves no excuses for anybody. It lets us know that we can make our mark at any moment using what we already have. If you want to build your business, don’t worry about the other dude who has it already, start from where you are and go from there.

Children are very good at this. Get creative about how to get things done. When I was a kid, I was into creating my own audio drama skits on cassette tapes, remember those? I did not have sound effects for cars and trains and other everyday noises of life, so I went out, with a tape recorder, and captured them myself. I went into the subway nearest my house and recorded the train so I can have the effect.

Don’t let anything stop you. If you are disabled, use your other abilities. If you need a computer but can’t afford one, head to the nearest library. There is almost never a time that you can’t do something in the direction of your goals. Yes, some people have it tougher than others. Everyone’s road is different, but that should not stop you from peddling your way towards your dreams.

5, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

Another one of my favorites. This one is great because it breaks things down to all its components.

  • *1. Find out what your gifts and passions are.
  • *2. Do the appropriate work/education, ETC to sharpen your craft.
  • *3. Set measurable goals.
  • *4. Take action on your plans.

Its that last one that is the key. You may know what you are good at, you may know the causes you care about, you may have a background in your chosen field, but nothing will happen if you don’t take action.

It was not enough that I had a good speaking voice. It was not enough that I wanted to speak/entertain. It was not even enough to get training. Action completes the circle. Negative self talk, second guessing and waiting for that nonexistent perfect time can stop you from taking action. Stop the stoppers! The right track means nothing if your train is still in the station.

6. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Yes, I saved the best for last. I think of this as the cornerstone of my coaching work. Happiness is not something that you find. Nobody can give it to you. Others can be the icing on top, but happiness must start with you. You have the choice to step into happiness. This quote boils down to integrity, self-awareness and consistency.

I was not walking in happiness when I was second guessing myself and wanted to be one of the cool dudes instead of being myself. I was not walking in integrative happiness when I would put aside my wants and needs to take care of somebody else. Even though I have never been much into lying, I was not walking in true happiness when I would downplay myself to avoid imagined conflict.

If you are not happy with who you are, the harder it will be to fully relax into that energy. If you want to find happiness, decide, right now, that you are going to go for it.

If you have bouts of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, second guessing syndrome, and you are sick of it screwing you are slowing you down, I can help connect you to that energy. Lets talk about a more confident, powerful you!

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