7 Powerful ways to accept your own greatness

You are great! I am not just saying that. Do you accept that you are great? Accepting and loving your own greatness is a transformative journey that requires self-reflection, mindfulness, and intentional efforts. We have been beat over the head with the message of humility, so it can be challenging to recognize and celebrate one’s own accomplishments. However, screw that, fostering a positive self-image is essential for personal growth and well-being. I have had to walk this journey, and I would like to help you walk it as well. I have seven strategies to help you accept and love your own greatness. Actually, I have more than seven, but seven seams sexy right now.

Accepting your own greatness

1. Practice Self-Affirmation

I get a lot of pushback on this one for some reason. We all talk to ourselves, so why not make it great! Start by acknowledging your strengths and positive qualities through self-affirmation. Create a list of affirmations that reflect your achievements, skills, and unique attributes. Repeat these affirmations daily to reinforce positive self-perceptions. This practice can gradually shift your mindset and help you internalize the belief in your own greatness. I will go first. I am the MAN! Now your turn.

2. Reflect on Personal Growth

Take time to reflect on your personal growth and the journey that has led you to where you are today. Consider the challenges you’ve overcome, the skills you’ve developed, and the lessons you’ve learned. By recognizing your progress, you can gain a deeper appreciation for your own resilience and strength, laying the groundwork for self-love. If you are like me you cannot always see the greatness in some things you have done so it does help to have at least one person that can give you a wider prospective on your greatness.

3. Surround Yourself with Positivity

Create a positive and supportive environment by surrounding yourself with people who uplift and encourage you. Share your achievements with friends and family who celebrate your successes. Constructive feedback and encouragement from those who care about your well-being can reinforce a positive self-image and make it easier to accept and love your own greatness. You do not even need an elephant load of people to make this happen. Its quality over quantity.

4. Engage in Self-Celebration Rituals

Some may think this sounds silly, but its actually not. Create rituals that allow you to celebrate your achievements, both big and small. This could involve treating yourself to a favorite activity, taking a moment of reflection, or sharing your successes with loved ones. Regularly celebrating your accomplishments reinforces a positive connection to your own greatness, fostering self-love and acceptance. Notice how sharing your experiences with others keeps being mentioned? When you speak it, it becomes more real to you.

5. Embrace Your Quirks and Oddities

I love this one! Instead of trying to conform to societal norms, celebrate your quirks and oddities. Some may say I have a lot of them! Not sure about that…but anyway…as I was saying….What makes you different is what makes you great. Whether it’s a unique talent, an unconventional hobby, or a peculiar interest, embracing your idiosyncrasies can be a powerful way to accept and love the distinctive qualities that make you who you are. I will go first. I love that I look at weather in different cities. Now your turn.

6. Create a “Wall of Wins”

Establish a visual representation of your achievements by creating a “Wall of Wins.” This can be a physical wall adorned with mementos, photos, or notes that commemorate your successes, big or small. Having a tangible reminder of your accomplishments can serve as a daily affirmation of your greatness, fostering a positive self-image. I have one of those, the tipacal place where my awards go. You can do it too. I will go first.

Distinguished Toastmasters award

Now your turn

7. Dress for Self-Admiration

Transform the act of getting dressed into a self-love ritual. Choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. Whether it’s a quirky accessory, a bold color, or simply wearing clothes that reflect your personality, dressing for self-admiration can boost your confidence and help you appreciate the uniqueness of your personal style. Another one of my favorits.

Embracing your own greatness is a personal and often unconventional journey. Do what works for you, but please, I invite you to love yourself and accept, love, and walk in your greatness.

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