9 Ways to use numerology for a happy healthy sex life

Love and sex are important parts of many of our lives. Compatibility, sexual style and deep bonding are great sources of happiness. Numerology can help you in this area. If you are new to Numerology, or just did not know you could use it for sexual compatibility, here are 9 ways numerology can potentially improve your sex life.

9 aspects of Numerology that will help your sex life

  • Discovering your life path number: Knowing your life path number can help you better understand your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, which can be useful in improving communication and intimacy with your partner. Add the total numbers in your birthday.
  • Using your birthdate/psychi number: Your birth number can reveal your natural sexual tendencies, which can help you understand your own desires and better communicate them with your partner. Add the numbers of the actual date you were born. (ex: the 24th)
  • Using your destiny/name expression number: Your destiny number can reveal your potential for long-term compatibility and connection with a partner. It can reveal your sexual personality and preferences, which can help you understand and communicate your desires with your partner. Add the total letters in your birth name or current name.
  • Understanding compatibility numbers: Understanding numerology compatibility numbers can help you determine potential areas of compatibility and conflict with your partner.
  • Using numerology for timing: Numerology can be used to determine auspicious times for sexual activity, based on your personal numerology chart.
  • Setting intentions with numerology: Setting intentions for sexual experiences based on numerology can help you focus your energy and create a more meaningful and satisfying experience.
  • Using numerology for sexual healing: Numerology can be used for sexual healing, helping to release emotional blocks and past traumas that may be affecting sexual function or enjoyment.
  • Using numerology for sexual empowerment: Numerology can be used to empower individuals to embrace their sexuality and overcome shame or stigma related to sex.
  • Using numerology for deeper spiritual connection: Numerology can be used to deepen spiritual connection with a partner and create a more meaningful and transcendent sexual experience.

Numerology can lead to a fulfilling happy passionit sex life for you and your partner. We are all spirits having a human journey, and Numerology can show us what our spirit is here for. Sex is a gift of nature, and a healthy sex life contributes to over all life satisfaction. If you would like to learn more about how numbers can help your sex life, book a reading so we can look into boosting your pleasure!

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Author: Core Confidence Life

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