Welcome to The Core Confidence Life. My name is Dennis R Sumlin, and my mission is to help you become the best version of you possible. As a Coach, Consultant, and Educator, I help clients develop effective communication, leadership and relational skills while building a solid sense of self-confidence.

I was motivated to become a coach due to my own journey through the ups and downs of self-esteem, confidence and life direction. Even though I had a deep sense of my own potential, I allowed self doubt, fear and others views of me to force me to play small, way below my true capacity. This downward pressure had an impact on many areas of my life from boardroom to bedroom. Having no strong male role model, and having to deal with limiting views from others about my disability, I had to figure out manhood and how to manifest my purpose through trial and error.

This led me to study personal/men’s development, holistic concepts, spirit energy, and the art of becoming an integrated man. With this solid foundation of strategies, higher awareness of my natural power, and new way of life, I wanted to use my skills to help others through this journey. I found that many people are operating below their potential, and they know it, but do not know how to turn it around. Still others are not yet sure about their purpose or talents and the most effective ways to use them. Many people allow fear to douse their fire, and they need a new spark, or let others marginalize them due to a disfavored attribute, and they are sick of it.

I want to help you move to that next level, to become an effective, confident leader, both in the bedroom and the boardroom.

Speaking and Leadership

Erickson Certified ICF Accredited Life Coach

I hold a Life Coach certification from Erickson Colege International, as well as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) certification from Toastmasters International (Speaking and Leadership), where I have won a few speaking contests.

Distinguished Toastmaster award

I have appeared on radio spots for companies such as Vanda pharmaceutical and other brands, and have spoken at places such as The City Colege of New York and other venues on topics around leadership and self integration. I teach public speaking courses in NYC.

I host a few podcast shows as well, including The Core Confidence Life.

Podcasts and publications

  • I currently host Core Confidence Life Radio (CCL), a show on Confidence, manhood, and self integration.
  • I currently co-host The Summit, a podcast on personal and professional development.
  • I write a column on personal development for Consumer vision Magazine.
  • I currently host The Pop Top Program, a music show based on the US Billboard Hot 100.
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