Hi, I’m Dennis R Sumlin and welcome to Core Confidence Life.

I am a podcaster, men’s confidence coach, and educator who’s life mission has always been to be the truest most authentic version of myself possible and chart my own life path, while helping others do the same.

Erickson Certified ICF Accredited Life Coach

At 18 years old, I began seriously trying to understand myself on a deeper level. Since that time I have taken up many forms of self-development studies and practices. I dug deep into books and routines around confidence building, positive thinking, sexuality, communication, spirituality and related topics. I also jumped into astrology and other occult topics.

For 10 years I have been helping men develop healthy fulfilling relationships, sex, and authentic self-confidence. I have both a deep personal as well as a professional understanding on unlocking true human power and potential. I also use my experience to help people gain kick ass public speaking skills.

Distinguished Toastmaster award


The mission of Core Confidence Life is to help men live a more conscious, intentional, inspired life, break through limitations, and be the leaders for their family, friends, and future.

I am blessed to be able to turn my past personal struggles around confidence, manhood and purpose into something that other men can benefit and grow from. Coming from a place of low self-esteem, settling for less, and second guessing, I know the work it takes to turn that around.

Whether its attracting the kinds of friends and partners that are right for you, feeling confident and fulfilled in your sexuality, or side stepping self-doubt and anxiety and understanding yourself better, The Core Confidence life is designed to have you seated in your own power.

On this site, you will find downloadable courses, podcasts, training and other ways of helping you get what you want out of life.


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