Who we are

Core Confidence Life is a coaching and education service that will take your communication abilities to the next level! Whether you want to boost your interpersonal skills, become a powerful public speaker, or educate and motivate people through podcasting, we will help you unlock more confidence, charisma, and creativity.

Founded by Communication and Mindset Coach Dennis R Sumlin in New York City in 2014, Core Confidence life, formally known as Life Through Strength until 2018, has been helping people across the United States and beyond unlock their talent, build deeper self knowledge, and develop dynamic communication skills.

Who we work with

Dennis R Sumlin teaching a class at CCNY

We work with individual clients as well as conduct in person and online classes. We also work with other schools and education centers to bring our expertise to their students.

Some of our individual clients have been public office candidates, fortune 100 employees, working class immigrants, and public school teachers.

Educational institutions such as The Door (New York), International Christian University, and The City College of New York have been some of our clients as well.

Why we started

Our vision in starting the company is to provide much needed education and coaching around all aspects of communication.

In our modern society, shorthand methods like memes, emojis, and twittering pass for communication, while actual communication skills are left to dry out. Meanwhile, job recruiters place communication at the top of the list of qualifying skills, public speaking is a key skill for entrepreneurs, new immigrants need effective skills to compete in their career, and teens need to build better social skills to prepare them for the rough and tumble world.

That is where we come in! We aim to change the nature of how people communicate to others as well as themselves, cultivate self-confidence in ones natural talents, and reduce stress and anxiety so you can get on with life!

How to contact

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Choose general business/questions from the form and reach out to us!