Dennis R Sumlin is a public speaking coach, Talent promoter, and the founder of Core Confidence Life. The goal of Core Confidence Life is to turn you into an inspirational, confident public speaker and leader, as well as promoting people who’s message is centered around personal development and holistic values. His aim is to assist you in reaching your personal best by educating, inspiring and affirming your natural talents.

Dennis has both a Life Coach certification from Erickson College International and a Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) certification from Toastmasters Speaking and Leadership International. He has worked with Talent recruitment agencies, college ready teens, fortune 100 employees, public office candidates, entrepreneurs and more.

Dennis has had a passion for speaking, acting and entertaining since the age of 11. He instinctively understood the power of communication and started vocal training and acting instruction as a teen. Dennis understands first hand what its like to over come self-confidence challenges to reach his goals. He believes that with a strong self-confidence, and the skills of communication, that we all can achieve personal success and mastery of our life’s direction.

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    • Dennis R Sumlin teaching a class at CCNY

      Some organizations and institutions he has worked with

      Along with one-on-one and group classes, we have also worked with other schools and organizations. Educational institutions such


      You can contact Dennis at Dennis@CoreConfidenceLife.COM or at his New York City office at 646-470-5585 or just fill out the form below.

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