Angles, Polarities, and Points in the birth chart

On the horoscope wheel there are 4 angles. These angles are the most important areas of the chart. The angles are the Ascendant, Descendant, MC/Mid heaven and the IC. Each one of these areas shows a different side to a person.


The Ascendant is the degree of the zodiac sign that was coming over the horizon at the time of one’s birth. Just like the Sun rises in the east, so does the ascendant, or also called the “rising sign”.

The degree of the ascendant falls in the first house and has to do with…

  • The mask we show to the world
  • The way we approach life/new situations
  • The family roll
  • Physical appearance
  • And much more…


The descendant is directly opposite the ascendant, and stands for other people. Just like the Sun sets in the west, so does the descendant. This point falls in the seventh house and is seen as….

  • One-on-one relationships
  • Business partnerships
  • Contracts
  • Marriage
  • Qualities that we project on to others
  • And more…

MC/Mid heaven

The MC point is at the top of the birth chart and shows our public self. Just like the Sun is at the top of the sky and high noon, so is the MC. In quadrant house systems like Placidus, the MC forms the cusp of the 10th house, but in nonquadrant systems like Whole sign houses, the MC can be in any one of the houses near the top like the 9th, 10th, or 11th. In some cases, it can be in the 8th or 12th. The MC is….

  • Your public image/reputation
  • Career
  • What people see when at a distance. Example: TV.
  • And more…


The IC is directly opposite the MC and is the base of the chart. This point shows us where we come from. The personal life rather than the public life. Like the MC, the IC falls in the 4th house opposite the 10th in quadrant houses, but can be anywhere at the bottom area in Whole sign and other like systems. For example, I have an IC in the fifth house in whole sign.

The IC is….

  • Your personal life
  • Things you keep private
  • Home influences during upbringing
  • Current home energies
  • Family lineage

Below, catch the classroom discussion on the angles.

Karmic polarities

In addition to our discussion on the angles, we also talk about the 2 karmic polarities. The Vertex and Anti Vertex, and the North and South Node.

Vertex and Anti Vertex

The Vertex is a point located in the western hemisphere of a chart (the right-hand side) that represents the intersection of the ecliptic and the prime vertical. In astrology, it is considered an auxiliary Descendant. Usually landing in the 5th to 8th houses. The Anti-Vertex is the point that is exactly opposite the Vertex.

The Vertex is what’s called a “faded point”. This means that it brings us themes, people and events that are not under our control. A person who has a planet that is conjunct to your Vertex is bringing you energy or themes associated with that planet. For example, if a person’s Jupiter is conjunct your vertex, this person is bringing you lessons, generosity and fun.

The Anti Vertex is where we have the most control. Its what we are bringing to the universe from our own free will/spirit.

North and South Nodes

When we talk about nodes, we are talking about the Moon nodes. All planets have nodes, but the moon nodes are the ones that are mostly spoken about. The south node is where your spirit is coming from. It carries the karma and deeds of your past lives and what you bring to this one. The North is where our soul wants to go in this life.

Class discussion

The class discussion gets into deep detail about all these points. I take questions, do sample charts, and dig real real deep on the major areas of our lives, the karmic debt we have, and the road to the soul’s destination.

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