Are you dating a narcissist, Are your astro signs compatible?

On this CCL interview, we turn our atention to some Japanese astrology. While the Chinese and Japanese astrology signs are the same, there are some importent differences. For this exploration, we are joined by Jimmy Angelis. Jimmy has been on the show in the past. He shared his story of being wrongly convicted of murder. The passed shows explored the story of his life, and this show looks at things from an astrological point of view. Was him and his wife really compatible?

He also gives a presentation on the narcissistic personality type and how it effected his wife. His book tells the full story of this wild ride. You can also hear the first 2 CCL interviews about his story.

Extra documentation on the Japanese astrology lesson can be found on the classroom section of the Core Confidence Life website.

Guest: Author, Demetrios (Jimmy) Angelis

The Ottawa Way

Compatibility, Are you dating a narcissist?

More info on Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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