Astrology Group Readings

Hey Astro lovers!

Have you been wanting to get your Astro chart read? Get ready for a down-to-earth Group Astrological Reading by the cool folks at Core Confidence Life School Of Metaphysics.

👀 What’s the scoop?

  • 🌟 Multiple pros checking out your astro chart

  • 🌟 Unpacking your ascendant, houses, planets, and chart points

  • 🌟 Answers to your burning cosmic questions

  • 🌟 A 30 to 40-minute personal cosmic chat

  • 🌟 Private Zoom session just for us

💫 So, what’s the cost?

For just 50 bucks, get the lowdown from our skilled astrologers. Add 20 more for a recording to replay the cosmic vibes whenever you want!

But here’s the bonus: Hang around after your reading and vibe with the rest of the crew. Whether you’re a seasoned star lover or just dipping your toes into astrology, this is for you!

🚀 Why pick us?

At Core Confidence Life School Of Metaphysics, we’re all about breaking down the cosmic code without the fancy talk. Just a chill convo about the stars that shape you.

📅 When and Where?

Readings will be held on a Tuesday evening at 7PM US Eastern time. Hop on Zoom, kick back in our private spot – exclusive for our cosmic crew. You will be sent a Zoom link for the room.

🌠 Ready to dive into the cosmic pool? Secure your spot now!
🌈 Only $50 for the reading or $70 with a recording to capture the cosmic magic.

Don’t miss this chance! Limited spots available, so book now and let the stars spill the cosmic tea.

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