Authentic Masculinity Program

Authentic Masculinity Program

This is a 12 week program designed to transform you from lack of confidence to self-assuredness. To accept yourself for who you are and love it! From being too shy or insecure to speak to somebody who lets their personality shine. From somebody with a limp sex life and no dates to an attraction magnet with sexual confidence.

Hidden in the vibrations in your birthday lays the answers that will guide you to becoming a confident attracting person! You can find out your numerology life path number by clicking here

This program is for you if

  • You are ready to put the past behind you and start fresh
  • You are ready to do the deep work of genuine change
  • You are ready to question and examine your beliefs and habits

This program is not for you if…

  • You are looking for quick pickup artist tricks
  • You are looking for easy answers and shortcuts
  • You are resistant to being coached or mentored.

What you get

Part 1. Confidence boot camp

In this first part of your transformation we start from the beginning. You will transform your mindset, habits, looks, and over all swag.

You will feel better about yourself each day, effectively build new habits, have control over your emotions and create the level of masculine energy you desire.

Part 2. Interpersonal Pathways

At this stage you will improve your communication skills and learn how to meet and make friends and romantic partners.

You will know how to speak from your masculine core, strike rapport with anyone easily, present yourself to potential partners and others as a high quality man, how to communicate your boundaries.

Part 3. Owning your sexuality

At this stage you will understand your sexuality in a new way and be able to satisfy your partner and yourself. You will know how to use your sexual energy to have success in life.

You will feel more confident in yourself as a sexual man, break free of negative habits, have a strong healthy penis, and communicate with your partner to overcome challenges.


My coaching and mentoring style is not like other coaches you may have seen or worked with. I approach personal development from a holistic prospective. I work with the mind, body and spirit, the three parts that make up the whole of who you are. This is not a quick fix or surface bullet point list, its a deep dive into who you are so you can transform, grab the wheel of the new you and accelerate your personal power.

Lets jump on a 30 minute call so we can get to know each other.

You can book your free 30 minute session with me today!

Steve H

My life was at a standstill. I was experiencing lack of will power and I needed to reorganize my priorities, and develop a career plan.

After the first time I spoke to Dennis I found it quite easy to open up as he provided a nonjudgmental ear and understood the challenges of low self-confidence and choosing the right path.

The coaching experience was open and free, but at the same time, focused and purposeful. The communication was direct, which allowed for comfort and honesty. Together, we were able to design strategies to uncover my true motivation.

I gained more confidence in my own potential, was able to set a vision for my education and career path, and felt heard and understood. I also gained new tools to deal with future challenges.

I highly recommend Dennis if you need a space to reprioritize your goals or to get a fresh look at who you are.

Steve H Earth Keeper Stones Confidence Coaching October 18, 2017