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Summit Episode 98, Perfectionism and entrepreneurship, an incompatible match

As entrepreneurs, we are committed to our business. We want it to succeed, and sometimes, we think that nobody can do things like we can, so we decline to outsource work. This may mean perfectionism. If you are an entrepreneur, perfectionism will stop you in your tracks. Shake the habit!

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene […]

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Summit Episode 97, Guarding your Yes, owning your no

Sometimes, “yes” can be a four letter word. Do you say yes more times than you want? Do you make too many commitments? Today, learn how to use your yes and no wisely. Charlene is flying solo on this one.

Charlene Bowden shows you how to protect your yes!

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Summit Episode 96, 10 Things smart people sometimes forget

It can happen to us. Sometimes, people who are smart, informed and aware can sometime over look some simple facts. Once we have these facts in the forefront of our mind, it will help us see things in a more open way.

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden are here to remind you of some […]

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Summit Episode 95, how to cope through sustained stress

Stress, and how to move through it is a big topic for me. I have been challenged by dealing with stress, and I want to share with you some tips on how to move through it. This topic is so big, I am doing it on more than one show.

This week, Charlene and I […]

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CCL Episode 6, Dealing with stress, Cortisol levels, meditation routine

I have written articles, given speeches, and done shows about stress. Today’s show will be in that category. How do we as men deal with the stressers of life, and how can we deal with it better?

For the guest segment, a good friend joins the program to talk about meditation, what it has […]

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Summit Episode 94, Unique questions to uncover your passion

If you are a self development buff, you have heard this one. What is your passion. It is a very common question, but this week, Charlene and I introduce some unique questions to help you figure it out. I have never thought of some of these questions before, and how interesting they are. Maybe […]

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Summit Episode 93, who is your target audience

When you first decide to start your entrepreneurial business, one of the things you must know is who is your target audience. Who are you speaking to? Who wants what you have? On today’s show, Charlene and I talk about just that. How to figure out who is who and who will know who […]

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CCL Episode 5, The Dangers of people pleasing, and how to start living from the heart

Do you have it? You know…it? That people pleasing bug? Well…I have dealt with that as well, and on today’s show, I will talk about how to deal with it, and a possible road to recovery.

Also on the show, I have a good friend and special guest to talk about being a heart […]

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Summit Episode 92, The 5 hardest things to do during a hard stressful day

We all have those days. Those days where it seams like everything is going yo-yo. What do you do when stress hits you? Charlene and I have some ideas, but these things can be hard to do while you are in the moment, but these are some of the best things to do.

Dennis R […]

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Summit Episode 91, How to use your 7 human superpowers

Just in case you wondered, I am not wearing a cape, but I have superpowers, and so do you. Actually, these 7 things that Charlene and I are talking about are not superpowers at all, but you may think they are.

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden show off some superpowers!

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