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Dennis R Sumlin is owner and founder of Core Confidence Life, a Coaching, Education, and Social Integration company based in New York City. CCL helps men improve communication, relationships and self-image in order to live a happy, healthy authentic lifestyle.

How to live like a millionaire when you’re a million short

Reading Time: 1 minute

On this special core confidence, its time to save money. If you are an entrepreneur, you know that money can be short sometimes.

If the lack of money makes you feel less confident in yourself as a man, this show tells you how to bypass those limits. You will never guess how much money there […]

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How a dude from Brooklyn got into the Guinness Book of World Records

Reading Time: 1 minute

One of the key factors in building core self-confidence is to develop new skills. In today’s business world, soft skills are often ranked higher than hard/concrete skills, and skills are just great to have!.

Knowing how to write effectively, read efficiently, and calculate quickly will boost your abilities, help others, gain confidence.

We have a special […]

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Shining the light: Battling male isolation, fighting the opioid epidemic

Reading Time: 1 minute

On this show we turn the spotlight to the front pages of the news. Another young man decides to explode. Why are young men lashing out against society? We focus on one of the causes.

Our guest, a speaker and writer talks about the opioid epidemic, and the film that shines a spotlight on the […]

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4 Tips on not screwing up your relationships, the art of self awareness, Teen from Russia starts a podcast

Reading Time: 1 minute

On this Core Confidence show, we have a few things to talk about….

1. How not to screw up your relationships.
We look at 4 ways you can make sure your relationships don’t blow up in your face.

2. The art of self-awareness and moving away from self-conciousness.
Confidence starts with knowing who you are. How do we […]

Turn arrogance into confidence, rethinking comfort zones, teen talks about struggle with discipline

Reading Time: 1 minute

On this show, we take on a few topics. First, the dynamics of arrogance vs confidence. What’s the difference, and how do you turn arrogance into confidence.

We rethink the idea of being in your comfort zone. Instead of breaking out of it, try expanding it.

Our guest this week shares his on going battle with […]

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One man’s path through the old Soviet Union, to building a business and foster parenting, humble self-confidence

Reading Time: 1 minute

On today’s Core Confidence Podcast, we interview a fellow podcaster and entrepreneur, but those titles do not describe who this man is. Sure, we talk a little about business, but why stop there. Surviving the old Soviet Union, immagrating to the US, becoming a foster parent, and starting his own business is just the […]

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A man’s rise from small town, to homelessness, to web series, Hustling for his dreams

Reading Time: 1 minute

On this Core Confidence podcast interview, we talk to a singer and actor who wanted to head to Hollywood and create a life as an entertainer. The question was, how to get from a tiny town to the big stage?

This headstrong young man went all in. Quitting his stable job, moving to another state, […]

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How to smack down anxiety, toughen up your Mindset, and maintain forward manly momentum

Reading Time: 1 minute

On today’s show we get to the heart of what is keeping you from greater happiness. We look at 4 ways you can restructure your thinking to clear the way for productive, manly growth.

This week’s guest, an anxiety specialist, tells us how to overcome that nasty “A” word, and what does the debate performance […]

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A man’s journey From shy kid, to football, to author, overcoming multiple odds

Reading Time: 1 minute

On this Core Confidence interview we talk to an author and speaker. After being that short odd shy kid in high school, he used football to boost his confidence, and used being different as a self esteem driver.

He tells his story, who inspired him to write, and what he was brought up to […]

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How a 12 Year old actor became a movie producer, Like Father like son

Reading Time: 1 minute

On this Core Confidence interview, we have a Father and son team. The son, 12 year old Austin Foxx just produced his first movie. We will hear all about that independent movie, and even hear from one of the stars in it.

We hear about how Austin and his Father got their start, the lessons […]

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