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Dennis R Sumlin is owner and founder of Core Confidence Life, a Communication and Personal Development company based in New York City. CCL can help you become a confident public speaker, and help you develop a productive mind-set.

Summit Episode 105, 14 Ways to improve discipline

In order to have a thriving business, we must be about to develop strong self-discipline. On today’s show, Charlene and I talk about the different methods you can use to improve your discipline.

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden help you kick up your discipline!

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How to discover your true authentic values

A value is a belief, mission or philosophy that is meaningful to you. Whether we know it or not, we all live by a set of values. That is how powerful values are. We do not even have to be conscious of them! Values can include things as everyday as […]

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CCL Episode 13, From Gangs to Glory, One man’s journey to manhood without a Father

It is an issue that has been going on for some time now. Fatherless homes. Often times, Fathers are key to a boy’s self-esteem and confidence. Who does a young man look up to when his Father is not around? My guest this week shares his story on how he did it, and he […]

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CCL Episode 12, Discussing feelings and some healthy ways of dealing with them

On todays show I speak to a men’s therapist about depression and anxiety, and how men can deal with it. I also talk about how I have delt with anger and stress in my own life, and the importence of unlearning old stigmas.

Articles mentioned in the show

10 Ways to help teen boys to express […]

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CCL Episode 11, Health and fitness for fathers, making major life changes

On today’s show, a health and fitness coach talks to all the fathers out there. With kids, work, and family responsibilities, many men let their health and physical fitness fall down the priority pole. Learn how to turn that around!

We will also talk about that moment when you know its time to change direction […]

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CCL Episode 10, How men can develop emotional intelligence, and have life satisfaction

As men, we have been told not to show too many emotions. It seams like the only emotions we can show is anger, hornyness, and happiness, but there are a whole world of emotions in between.

Today we are talking about emotional intelligence, and how men can develop it, and use it to create […]

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6 Quotes to stoke your confidence

I am sure you have seen lots of quotes by famous people. There is always a happiness, confidence, will power, discipline, or achievement quote being hurld at us from time to time. Well, don’t duck now, I have more for you. I picked these quotes because they stand out to me and drive the […]

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CCL Episode 9, How to grow your business through story telling, overcome the fear of speaking

As entrepreneurs, we want to grow our business. One of the firsts things we can do to make that happen is develop effective communication skills. Public speaking, networking and so on. Another thing we can do is develop the skill of telling our personal story. Being open and transparent, letting people know where we […]

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CCL Episode 8, How to maintain great relationships with your wife, your kids, and yourself

Do you have or want kids? Are you, or do you want to be married? As men, we want to serve and protect our family. The question is, how do we maintain good relationships with the ones who are closest to us? Communication and other family dynamics can be hard to navigate at times, […]

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CCL Episode 7, How your values develop, Reforming education

How do we develop our values? This process starts from the time we are born and continues through our childhood. On today’s show, I will be talking about the three stages that form our values, and some quick ways we can reform negative prospectives.

Today’s guest will be talking about the education system, and […]

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