Briefing on the traits of Aquarius

Were you born under the sign of Aquarius? What a compassionate and generous person you are. And did you know that there really is an Age of Aquarius. It wasn’t just a songwriter’s concept in the musical, Hair. Just as there are individual zodiac signs, so are the eras of human history divided into 2000-year segments of what’s called the Great Year. We just left the age of Pisces, which began at the beginning of the Christian era until around the year 2000. While there is no cut off date to know when we moved into the new age, looking at the development of society can show us.

Aquarius, the water-bearer, is ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by Uranus, and the two planets give Aquarians a unique disposition. Thanks to Saturn, those born under this sign have a knack for being cool and level-headed. Uranus, on the other hand, directs them to be unconventional and unique.

You do not have to be a Sun sign Aquarius to be Aquarius like. If you have an Ascendant in Aquarius, or heavy Aquarius placements in your birth chart, this can show up in your life as well. If you have your North Node in this sign, try and bring the positive energy of this sign into your life. Having the South node here means that you need to lean away from the more negative qualities of this energy. Some of those qualities may show up in your personality.

The energy of Aquarius

Aquarius is a humanitarian, there’s no doubt about that. The Aquarian likes to make a difference, or even just spend lots of time discussing it, since they are also idealists and dreamers. They also have a flair for logical thinking, which greatly helps to support their arguments.

Aquarius hates hierarchies, and refuses to be placed on a pedestal. Their logical, analytical minds are perfect for logic and computer work. The areas they won’t do well in are “fuzzy” areas, like brokering deals or making sales. They much prefer the hard and solid world of the computer, or the much more satisfying world of social work. Nothing annoys them more than the idea of choosing a career solely for the money it offers.

Sagittarius and Aquarius have one thing in common: a disregard for social manners. While Sagittarius feels manners are pesky little details he has little patience for, Aquarians think manners are elitist, or perhaps even hypocritical, and deserve to be ignored. They speak what’s on their mind.

The flip side

Aquarius has a reputation for being emotionally unstable. They tend towards sensitivity, with a thin skin and touchy attitude, especially when criticized. Also, they have a deep-seated fear of rejection. Many Aquarians find it easier to write their feelings rather than talk about them, and on paper, the sensitive and passionate nature of Aquarius can shine past the cool and calm facade.


People can love them for being themselves but hate them for being bold enough to be themselves. Aquarians are the most attractive sign of the Zodiac. They also like bizarre colors, weird accents, or provocative style. This is Uranus’ influence, driving them to be unique.

If you are this sign, this is not the only energy that is running through you. Book a reading with me so we can flush out all the rest of the energies that make up who you are.

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