Briefing on the traits of Cancer

The sign of Cancer (June 21 – July 23), kicking off the summer season here in the west. Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, because the Crab was believed to carry his house on his back. And, like their namesake, the home is very important to Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer in astrology, being the source of light during darkness and the Mothering instinct.

In the Zodiac Great Year, the Age of Cancer fell between 8600 and 6450 BCE. It was a time characterized by the worship of mother goddesses. During this period alcohol fermentation was discovered and people began to use copper.

You do not have to have this as your Sun sign to carry the qualities of this energy. If you have an Ascendant in this sign, or heavy placements in your birth chart, this can show up in your life as well. If you have your North Node in this sign, try and bring the positive energy of this sign into your life. Having the South node here means that you need to lean away from the more negative qualities of this energy. Some of those qualities may show up in your personality.

The energy of Cancer

Those born under this sign are heavily focused on home life. Cancers are the domestic experts of the Zodiac, and would be the first to know how to fix an appliance or which drapes match the sofa. Unfortunately, they also have a reputation as pack rats, because they attach emotions to their belongings. Every old photo becomes a cherished heirloom because of the memories that go with it.

Cancers are sensitive and caring. Only Pisces comes close to the sensitivity of Cancer. Crabs are the truest and closest companions, always coming to the aid of their friends, ready to bail them out at a moment’s notice.

The crab’s defense is to curl up behind his shell. Cancers have a reputation for being tough and unfeeling because they keep their emotions hidden—for their own protection, of course. They can be frustrated that people can’t see through that shell to the deeply caring person hidden behind it. They tend to dress down, not attracting attention to themselves.

Cancers have a tendency to be worried, moody, or even depressed, but this can be lightened with water-based activities like fishing or sailing. Because of their affinity for the home, many cancers enjoy fixer-upper hobbies, like adding an extension to the house.

Because they care about people, Cancers are most at home in a career where they can help people in some way. Pushing papers or operating machinery will make for a very crabby Crab. Cancers, with their innate skills at knowing what people need and feel, tend to make very good managers. However, they tend to build on existing ideas, rather than creating their own, so they don’t make good entrepreneurs.

If you are this sign, this is not the only energy that is running through you. Book a reading with me so we can flush out all the rest of the energies that make up who you are.

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