Reading Time: 2 minutes On this interview we speak to Dr. Lucie Marlo for a storybook session. Her book: Life is Now, is a collection of stories of people of all ages who have overcome major challenges in life, and have lessons to teach. …

Silent heroes, Examples of people and their everyday miracles coming to life Read more »

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Many of us feel that modern society has become less kind, polite, and civil. How can we reverse this troubling trend? On today’s sow, we talk to a man who is leading the effort. Mark Lewis, an author and entrepreneur …

How to bring more kindness and civility back to society, Giving a damn Read more »

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Reading Time: 11 minutes We hear the word “confidence” being used all the time. To be a strong productive man, you need a healthy dose of it. Even though confidence is one of the key foundations for success, what is confidence, how do we …

What are the 3 levels of manly confidence, and how do you achieve them Read more »

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Reading Time: 2 minutes This article may contain affiliate links. Spirituality is central to many people’s lives, but what do people mean when they say “Spiritual”? This essay is what I mean. As you read this essay, think about what spirituality means for you. …

The essay of Spirit, Connecting to the highest power. Read more »

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