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6 Quotes to stoke your confidence

Reading Time: 5 minutes

I am sure you have seen lots of quotes by famous people. There is always a happiness, confidence, will power, discipline, or achievement quote being hurld at us from time to time. Well, don’t duck now, I have more for you. I picked these quotes because they stand out to me and drive the […]

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3 Ways to connect with your soul, and sidestep the ego

Reading Time: 4 minutes

As humans, we have a lot in common. As individuals, we are very different. As humans, we are all one. As individuals, we are vibrating at different frequencies. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. There are many lessons to learn in this life, and we have a guide to help us through […]

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What’s the difference between reacting and responding?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What’s the difference between reacting and responding. Which one do you do most often? Do those words sound like they mean the same? Well….think again.
Lets talk about it!

The Difference between reacting and responding is….

When somebody makes you angry, do you react, or do you respond? When something doesn’t go your way, do […]

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What’s the difference between pleasure and happiness?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? We tend to use these words interchangeably, but they are not the same. While they may feel the same at times, they come from different places.

In the below video, I talk about the difference between the two concepts, and 3 steps to bring you closer to […]

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6 Clear differences between boys and men

Reading Time: 4 minutes

When does a boy become a man? According to law, it’s 18, but does that mean manhood? There is no clear difference between 17 and 18. During that time, boys are at various stages of maturity. Mentoring inner city teens has certainly shown me that while 1 kid can be very responsible and respectful; […]

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3 Things that change when you change

Reading Time: 3 minutes

We hear it all the time. Be positive, think positive and so on. Self-development messages dance around us from sun up to sun down. Things like, stop comparing, love yourself, and so on. The thing about all these messages is that they are all correct.

While life is not always positive, we can deal with […]

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The essay of trust, the sacred investment.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

To trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing. Trust is one of the most sacred of values. When we trust somebody, we are open to them. We are confident that this person will keep our secrets, be respectful with our emotions, and show unwavering loyalty.

It […]

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7 more super steps to take on the world with confidence

Reading Time: 5 minutes

How would your life change if you felt more confident? Think about it. Does it feel good? As a coach, I speak about confidence all the time. Today is no different.
In a previous article, I put forth 7 ways to pump that confidence up, and now I will give you 7 more to add […]

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Depression, 3 Ways to fight the funk

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Staying positive and dealing with depression and other funky feelings can be hard. In my post, 5 paths to positivity, I shared some methods to fly from the funk, and now I thought I would drop some more depression defenders on you. I love these, and they really help, and I will tell you […]

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3 C’s to seas your dreams, Manifest your mission

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Who ever we are, and where ever we come from, most of us want to know the answer to one simple question. How do I make a difference? Out of that come questions like…

What are my talents?
How do I use my talents to make that difference?
What is that difference?

Whether you […]

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