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3 Steps to take you to your higher self

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If you are like me, one of your goals in life is to become a better person each day. This could be a hard road sometimes. It can be slow at times, but the movement never stops. Now that you know that you want to be better tomorrow than you are […]

The Essay of Sex, The primal drive

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As humans, we have a few basic instinctual needs. We have the need to eat. This maintains our life and gives us energy. We have the instinct for self-preservation. That is where things like “fight or flight” come in. Our body and mind tries to keep us safe in other ways, such as forgetting […]

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The 2nd Dimension of speaking, What is that?

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As a coach, I work with clients on crafting a strong message for their speech. Once that is done, everything else should align with that message.
Body movements should support your message. Your voice should convey the emotions of what you are saying, and on and on. While you want your speech to deliver value […]

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3 Big D’s to destroy stress

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What is the one thing that can cause headaches, fatigue, screw over your sex life, destroy sleep, zap your motivation and other whammies? No, it’s not your Mother in-law, its not your X, its stress.

Stress is something that affects all of us at some point. While there is a thing as good stress, I […]

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5 Important steps to a positive mindset

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Yes, it’s that word again. The “P” word. The word is “positivity”. You hear it all the time. Stay positive, be positive, think positive, and so on. Many people have a wrong impression about this and related words. Being positive does not mean you walk around with a smile 24 hours a day, skipping […]

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5 Unchangeable Realities of life

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In life, there are many things that come and go, Things that are good and bad, and Things that we cannot change. Sometimes you may feel like nothing is a sure thing.
From how I see it, this is not true. With all the things that go on in life, […]

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3 Smart ways to face up to your every day challenges

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Challenges, we all have them. Some people call them problems, but I call them challenges. Conflicts with your partner, dealing with a difficult co-worker, or overcoming a lack of confidence, all have the potential to stop us in our tracts.
We are frustrated, sad or angry, and it is important to deal with those feelings. […]

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Essay of acceptance, taking it all

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What is acceptance anyway? In terms of human psychology, acceptance is a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition. Many times this situation or process is negative. Acceptance is at the heart of human happiness. If we are resistant to what is, then we can remain in a […]

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6 powerful tips to have an awesome sex life

Reading Time: 5 minutes

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Sex is one of the most basic of human instincts. It is a primal need. It is the raw drive that can bring humans together. Sex can bond people, bring enjoyment, keep us healthy, and create life. Sex is both simple and complex, and can make or break relationships. With such […]

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4 Steps to kick off your morning with confidence

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s that time, you guessed it, time to get up out of bed. After a restful night, it’s time to hit the ground on your grind. Throw back the covers, and don’t wake your lover. It is now up to you to plan your daily menu. If you are like the average person, you […]

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