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A life long actor shares lessons on self confidence, going through a divorce while raising kids, and bouncing back stronger

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On this interview, we speak to Joe Finfera, a life long actor. He has been in soap operas, hit comadies, and MTV. He is here to share lessons from his acting journey, what it takes to make it, and how to maintain confidence. He will also share his experience moving through a divorce while […]

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Breaking the brain’s addiction to political labels and stigmas, Setting yourself free

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On this interview we speak to William Silvaneus. He is an author and speaker specializing in deconstructing labels in politics, and brain chemistry. In our over heated political discussion, we often reduce other people to a label or catigory. This makes it easier to shunn, think negative, or otherwise demonize and reject people who […]

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Ways parents can teach kids how not to be a victim of bullying, Heroic Parenting

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On this interview we speak to CJ Scarlet. She is a danger expert and author, with millitary and Grandmother experience. We talk about the epidemic of bullying in school and online. She gives actionable steps that parents can use to help their kids deal with bullies. We review methods and mind-sets that show kids […]

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Egyptian immigrant and former Diplomat shares his story of Fatherlessness, poverty, and rebuilding his confidence

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On this interview we speak to George Farag. After being born in Egypt, his family immigrated to the US. He shares his story of growing up poor, with no Father, and how that shaped his life. He takes us on a tour of his life, his travels, what inspired him to become a US […]

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How to help children that need homes, The path to making adoption easy and quick

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On this interview we talk to Bridgette Bradley, a Child and Family Advocate. She speaks to us about adoption. What are some of the benefits of giving a child a loving home? How can you move through the adoption process easier? Eighty-million people consider adoption, but only one percent actually do it. Why is […]

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Growing up black in a white family, A man’s story of race relations, adoption,and living in America

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On this interview, we speak to Kevin Hofmann. He shares his story of being a biracial man adopted and raised by a white family while feeling disconnected from his black identity. This motivated him to do his part in trying to bridge the race gap and work to provide a deeper understanding between the […]

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What are the Small steps that men can take to have a healthier body, mind, sex drive and self-confidence

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On this interview we talk to David Jones, CEO of HELLO Wellness. We discuss the health of a man’s mind, body and spirit. With just a few changes in how we think, eat and move, we can boost all areas of life, feel more confident, have more energy, sexual stamina, and lower our […]

How men can maintain health with clothes that keep their skin happy

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The biggest organ on our body is the skin. On this interview, we talk to Mychelle Belle, CEO of Belle Clothing and Accessories. We talk about how men can keep their skin healthy. From what you wear, to the cologne you use, your body takes in those chemicals. 73% of men are having […]

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Madison: Story of the lost history of a President’s black family

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On this interview, we talk to Bettye Kearse, author of “The Other Madisons”, a book about the black descendants of US President James Madison 1809-1817. During his lifetime President Madison had an affair with an enslaved black woman, which was common at the time, and had a son. Our guest is here to document […]

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Silent heroes, Examples of people and their everyday miracles coming to life

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On this interview we speak to Dr. Lucie Marlo for a storybook session. Her book: Life is Now, is a collection of stories of people of all ages who have overcome major challenges in life, and have lessons to teach. We will hear about a 12 year old boy with Leukemia who understands the […]

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