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Summit Episode 113, 5 Questions to know who you are and what you want

When it comes to knowing what you want in life, the answers could seam easy. Are the answers you have the real answers? Often, what we want can be shaped by the influences around us. I do believe it is important to get as close to what we really want as possible.

This week, […]

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Summit Episode 112, How to make working from home work for you

Thanks to technology, many of us can work from home. You may also be able to work from home if you are an entrepreneur. Working from home is freaking great, but it has its challenges.

This week, Charlene and I will walk through all the challenges of working from hoe such as, setting bounderies, minimizing […]

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Summit Episode 111, The ups, downs, and trials of setting goals

I talk a lot about goals on this site. Goals are the things we move towards, trive for, and all the other phrases that mean the same. We have personal as well as professional goals. The question is, where do they come from? How do they happen? What happens if you do not reach […]

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Summit Episode 110, Focus and Priorities

With all the things there are to do in life, we need to find a way to move through it all. The best way to move through all the things on your plate each day is to prioritize. When you have a list of priorities, you can better use your energy for those that […]

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Summit Episode 109, Talking about small talk, making friends, networks, and knowing people better

As a coach, one of the biggest questions I get is around communication. How do you make friends, build rapport, and develop a good network. Charlene and I have a laidback conversation about talking. How do you feel about small talk? What do you say when you approach people? We cover it all!

Dennis R […]

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Summit Episode 108, goals for the future, making plans for the year ahead

As we reach the start of a new calender 12, the future of your business and life may be on your mind. Charlene and I have a laidback conversation about change, the future, and ways to set yourself up for success in the coming year.

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden look towards the future […]

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