Class, The basics of the 7 physical chakras

A chakra is an energy center. These energy centers can be located both inside and outside. Each chakra is unique and corresponds to a specific set of traits and functions.

When our chakras are balanced/healthy, we are aware, happy, at ease an in the flow. When they are out of balance/unhealthy, it becomes stagnant stail energy. Blocked chakras can result in ailments. Emotional, physical and psycho-spiritual.

This lesson/lecture focuses on the basic meanings of the 7 physical chakras. While there are 12 main chakras and lots of minor ones, however, the other five major ones are transcendant chakras, and its important that you first understand the physical ones.

The 7 Physical Chakras

1. Root Chakra
Color = Red
Position = Base of the spine
Sanskrit name = Muladhara
Numerology energy = 1
Areas of life energy: Feeling grounded, financial independence, security, basic survival

2. Sacral Chakra
Color = Orange
Position = Lower abdomen
Sanskrit name = Svadhishthana
Numerology energy = 2
Areas of life energy: Pleasure, joy, desire, creativity, abundance, emotional balance, sexuality

3. Solar Plexus Chakra
Color = Yellow
Position = Navel/Solar plexis area
Sanskrit name = Manipura
Numerology Energy = 3
Areas of life energy: Personal power, self-esteem, confidence, courage

4. Heart Chakra
Color = Green
Position = Heart
Sanskrit name = Anahata
Numerology Energy = 4
Areas of life Energy: Love, emotional freedom, compassion, empathy, social relationships

5. Throat Chakra
Color = Blue
Position = Throat
Sanskrit name = Vishuddha
Numerology energy = 5
Areas of life energy: Communication, honesty, faith, artistic expression

6. Third Eye Chakra
Color = Indigo
Position = Middle of the forehead, between the eyes
Sanskrit name = Ajna
Numerology energy = 6
Areas of life energy: Intuition, perception, imagination, wisdom, decision making, clairvoyance

7. Crown Chakra
Color = Ultraviolet, gold, and white
Position = Crown of the head
Sanskrit name = Sahasrara
Numerology energy = 7
Areas of life energy: Spirituality, bliss, Universal energy, Enlightenment

The first three chakras are the lower or earth chakras. The heart is the gateway chakra, and the last three are the upper chakras. If you have a blocked heart chakra, it can block the connection to the upper and lower halves, thereby throwing many things off

Reviewing the chakras


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