Classroom Presentation, Basic meanings of the 12 astrological houses

In this presentation, we are reviewing the basics of each of the astrological houses. We run through each house, explain it, give examples of interpretation, and take questions.

The houses in your chart are calculated based on the time and place of your birth. Here is a quick review of the houses, then the presentation.

Quick list

  • 1. The Self
  • 2. Money and Possessions
  • 3. Communication, Local Environment
  • 4. Home, Family
  • 5. Creativity, Sex, Children
  • 6. Health, Public Service/daily routine/work
  • 7. Relationships, Marriage, one-on-one agreements
  • 8. Death, Regeneration, Intimacy, other people’s possessions
  • 9. Long range travel, philosophy, religion/higher learning
  • 10. Career, Public Standing/reputation
  • 11. Groups, Organizations, Friends in high places, Hopes
  • 12. Secrets, psychological well being, self undoing
Example birth chart in whole sign houses
Example birth chart in whole sign houses

House meaning deep dive

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