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Core Confidence Life is a metaphysical education center specializing in Astrology, Numerology and Self Discovery. We offer classes and courses that will broaden your awareness, knowledge and experience in the metaphysical arts.

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Welcome to the Spring 2024 semester

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The Astrology class is Tuesday evenings at 7PM US Eastern time.
The Numerology class is Wednesday evenings at 7PM US Eastern.

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Below are the list of live classes we offer

The art and practice of Numerology


  • The Signs Of Life Astrology Course

  • The art and practice of Astrology

    Developing a gratitude mindset

    Coming Soon

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    Numerology classes/course
    December 1, 2022

    I've always wanted to dig deeper into numbers. After my second divorce, I needed to align myself with the perfect fit for me. I knew these classes would open
    my eyes to learn more about myself and my future mate.

    The classes are OUTSTANDING... I'm so overwhelmed taking these Numerology Classes, learning so much about my pass life, my Life Path, Achievement number, and putting them all together has me in shock. Dennis breaks it down so simply and makes it make sense and you can apply it to your life, and share with others. This class
    is truly life changing for me, and I know I can speak for the others in the class too.

    Dennis's teaching is amazing, and I will always take his classes. I am so excited for our next class.

    I gained so much. Examples: so much about myself, the decisions in life, even those rough days and months and years with the numbers it truly made so much sense. I have the key ingredients now to WIN for the rest of my life, and even assist and share with my kids for their life path.

    I highly recommend all services from Dennis, OUTSTANDING teacher. Dennis is patient, and a great listener and full of great information that could help
    anyone. You will finish your service feeling good with good information to apply to your life that will help you.

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    If you want to take one of our Do It Yourself online courses, you can register for the course you want below. You will have to create a free CCL account to take these express courses.

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