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Become a Confident, Calm, and Competent Communicator!!

Are you looking to become a more effective speaker? Are you looking to gain confidence as well as the skills that will transform you from a nervous whisperer to a natural communicator?

You know that good communication helps advance your career as well as enhance your reputation as an expert in your field, but you get anxious at the idea of facing a crowd, and you are not sure how effective you can be.

You are not alone. Close to 75% of people have a fear of speaking, but you can override that! The fact is that people who add speaking to their professional skill set make more money than those that don’t. People who learn how to deliver a polished message win more customers/clients, and improve their relationships with the people around them.

Brandon Walker

I met Dennis through our Local Toastmasters club where he served as the president. Any time Dennis delivered a speech, he astonished the crowd with his command of the room and captivating delivery.

Admiring his speech delivery prompted me to ask Dennis for his coaching services. As the Chief of Staff at a Fortune 50 company, I often time find myself having to communicate messages in front of large groups of team members and looked to Dennis to help me become a more effective communicator.

Our sessions were always enjoyable as Dennis does a great job with not only delivering advice on areas where you want to grow, but offering opportunities of growth you may have not realized needed attention. His personable and fun demeanor also makes the sessions up beat. I was able to achieve becoming a better speaker through his specific advice on tone variation and intentional movement during your speech. His advice also helped me with building confidence in being a better speaker.

Dennis comes highly recommended and I believe his services can help not only beginners, but the most experienced speakers looking to sharpen their skills.

Brandon Walker Health Care Communication Coaching January 2, 2017

You do not have to avoid presentations any more. As a certified communication coach with 15 years’ experience in voice, expression, message development and more, I will have you preparing and delivering effective speeches while feeling confident calm and competent.

I specialize in…

  • Vocal expression and language
  • Core Message development
  • Speech writing and presentation
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Self-Confidence and relaxation

You can start giving powerful speeches before you know it. Email me to tell me what your challenges are, and we will set up an action plan to build on your strengths and expand your skill set. Don’t sit on the sideline letting opportunities scroll by, take command of your voice, and take command of your vision! You have nothing to lose but your nervous silence.

  • *Entrepreneurs
  • *Podcasters
  • *Business Executives
  • *Public Officials
  • *And others who want to boost their skills

How it works

These are one to one coaching sessions. We will work on the areas of communication that you are looking to improve, whether public speaking or everyday interpersonal communication and confidence. Once we speak and go over the areas you want to improve, then we will set up a schedule.

Each session is 60 minutes. We will spend that time diving deep into developing your craft/skill set and addressing the challenges you want to over come. The sessions are online through a conferencing/chat service. )if you live in the New York City metro area, in person sessions are available.) I only work with people who are dedicated to their own growth and advancement, and will take an active role in their own improvement. To be accountable, present, and able to work towards their goals. Read more about coaching. I look forward to working with you.


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