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Astro-Numerology readings and classes
December 13, 2022

I join Core Confidence life after listening to Dennis on Clubhouse for several months. I really enjoy his interactive teaching style. It is rare that you can find an instructor who knows how to keep the attention of adults. Dennis has given life altering information with his in depth break down of the numbers and their importance in your life. The single best investment you can make for yourself is a membership and reading with Dennis!!!

The sessions with Dennis was life changing. The information he gives shines a light on how you process yourself and how the collective processes you. Dennis stands firm in his readings and gives you both sides of your numerological personality. I have much respect for him doing it unapologetically.

I have gained insight on the best way to proceed with achieving my soul's purpose. I look forward to my continued numerology growth with my membership with
Core Confidence Life.

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