Become a Confident, Calm, and Competent speaker

Are you looking to become a more effective speaker? Are you looking to gain confidence as well as the skills that will transform you from a nervous whisperer to a natural communicator?

You know that good communication helps advance your career as well as enhance your reputation as an expert in your field, but you get anxious at the idea of facing a crowd, and you are not sure how effective you can be.

You are not alone. Close to 75% of people have a fear of speaking, but you can override that! The fact is that people who add speaking to their professional skill set make more money than those that don’t. People who learn how to deliver a polished message win more customers/clients, and improve their relationships with the people around them.

You do not have to avoid presentations any more. As a certified communication coach with 15 years’ experience in voice, expression, message development and more, I will have you preparing and delivering effective speeches while feeling confident calm and competent.

You can start giving powerful speeches before you know it. Email me to tell me what your challenges are, and we will set up an action plan to build on your strengths and expand your skill set. Don’t sit on the sideline letting opportunities scroll by, take command of your voice, and take command of your vision! You have nothing to lose but your nervous silence.

Michael Eagle

I had recently decided to pursue a public speaking career as a new direction in my life as an educator. In reaching out to local professionals and amidst many automated email responses, Dennis reached-out personally with a sincere interest in assisting in my development. He was the perfect voice and perspective
for me both then and now.

The sessions were outstanding. Dennis is an inspiring individual with a ton of knowledge and a huge heart. The world would be a better place with more like him, and I am
so glad that his work is aimed at just that.

I gained confidence, assurance, specific direction for improvement, a trained and experienced ear for feedback, and knowing that there is an amazing person doing amazing things for others.

If you are looking to improve your public speaking skills for any reason, Dennis is your man. If you are looking for an inspirational figure to give
you confidence in your chosen pursuit, Dennis can surely assist.

Michael Eagle Public Speaking Coaching July 18, 2018


Each session is 60 minutes. The sessions are online through a conferencing/chat service. )if you live in the New York City metro area, in person sessions are available.)

Speak with confidence

Podium microphone isolated on white background

This is the basic communication course to get you past any hang ups and get you into a comfortable mind-set and skill level to effectively deliver your message. You will learn how to connect with others, be entertaining, and be ready to speak using different formats.

You will be able to make your message understandable to others and inspire them to take action. You will be able to handle Q and A and other audience interactions. Win clients, business partners, supporters and others by developing this important skill!

  • Fresh Start: Basic Communication

    • Develop your message and style
    • Calming anxiety
    • Enhancing voice skills
  • Authentic Relations: Stepping on stage

    • Preparing for a presentation
    • Stage presents and craft
    • Audience Interaction
  • Authentic Branding: The larger stage

  • Purpose/mission
  • Podcasting/media

Contact me

I would like you to send me a message so we can have a talk about how this program can take you where you want to go, or should I say speak.
We will talk about your goals and direction, and see if we can work together.

Set aside some time to talk!