Depression, 3 Ways to fight the funk

Staying positive and dealing with depression and other funky feelings can be hard. In my post, 5 paths to positivity, I shared some methods to fly from the funk, and now I thought I would drop some more depression defenders on you. I love these, and they really help, and I will tell you my favorite one later.

1. Tomorrow is coming

No matter what happens today, remember, there is always tomorrow. Yes, that is a cliché, but it is true. All we really have is the current moment, so tomorrow will be a brand new set of moments you can build on. Tomorrow means that we have a chance to improve what ever went wrong today. In order to look forward, we must accept what was, and move to new opportunities.

Understanding this has helped me put mistakes behind me and make peace with the day. On days when I felt as though I did not give the greatest speech, I think, “I should have said this, I should not have said that in that way, I could have made a stronger point on that” and blah blah. In the end, tomorrow comes, and another chance to do it better. Even with larger and heavier problems, the power of tomorrow allows you to move through solutions and turn things around day by day.

2. I have done this before

If you are reading this, most likely, you have been on the earth long enough to have gone through more than one point of hard times. When in the middle of a problem, or when feeling depressed, remember, you have weathered tough times before. Whatever your scars were, you still made it to the next day. That being the case, what’s different about this one?

You can draw strength from that fact. Draw on the energy that you used to move you through the last one. Picture yourself on the other side of this challenge, look back and say wow!

When I was a homeless 22 year old, of course, it was not easy, but I have gone through things before. By that time, I had been through a parent’s death, some medical stuff, and some social rejection, so I could make it through the homeless thing. Often, we underestimate our willpower, but when we are in the thick of things, just recall that willpower.

3. The 360 view

This one is my favorite one, and it is the one that helps me fight the funk the quickest. When you are moving through a tough time or just feeling depressed, step back and take a global 360 view of your life. Ask yourself, other than this challenge, what else is going on in my life? This question introduces gratitude energy to flood your mind.

As a beginning entrepreneur, there were times when the $$$ was not what I wanted it to be, and while having adequate money is important, it was not the only thing going on in my life. While the money may have been slacking a little, I had other things such as…..

  • My own place
  • A warm bed
  • Great supportive friends
  • Money already in the bank
  • That new business lead
  • Another Toastmasters award
  • Chocolate cake

I also think about…

  • The fact that I look good
  • My nice clothes
  • My strong will

This gives me a wider window to assess my current conditions. This does not mean that I can remain stationary, but it does help to fight off the D Bug. There is never a wrong time to take a 360.

Staying strong

The struggle is real, and we need to be armed with the latest in anti-depression weaponry. You are in control of how you frame things, and what aspect of the picture you dwell on. You can use these tips, download a course, work with me one-on-one, or all of the above, but like me, I am sure you want to eclipse depression. Stay strong!

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