Power, principles, and Productivity

Do you feel like you are being held back in your personal and professional life by second guessing and fear of perceptions?

Does your lack of confidence and self-esteem cause you to underperform at the office and not be fully present in your personal life and with partners?

Are your negative thoughts and feelings zapping the drive and passion from your life?

You are a man that is committed to setting and achieving goals, and you need to move past douts and stress, so you can wake up every day ready for the next challenge.

We can help you…

  • Live by your values instead of going with the crowd
  • Take intentional action instead of second guessing yourself
  • Understand your intrinsic value instead of looking for others approval

What would it be like for you to become a soul centered man? Soul living is when you are not run by ego, but operating from the inner Self, connected to the genuine spirit or psyche present inside of you. When you have core confidence, and live authenticly, lifes bumps are no longer stop signs.

  • Wake up each day with energy and passion
  • Feel more in control of your thoughts, emotions, and life in general.
  • Work smarter, communicate better, and be a man that you and others can be proud of
  • All it takes is a commitment from you. A commitment to yourself that the age of lowballing is over! The era of soft peddling your life is finished!

    I invite you to have a conversation with me about where your life is, where you want it to go, and how CCL can help you get there.
    My name is Dennis R Sumlin, and I am committed to helpping you level up. I have a deep understanding of this journey, having walked in it myself, and can help move things forward, hold you accountable, and reclaim the man in the mirror.

    How it works

    This is a one to one coaching session. We will work on the areas of communication that you are looking to improve, whether public speaking or everyday interpersonal communication and confidence. Once we speak and go over the areas you want to improve, then we will set up a schedule.

    Each session is 60 minutes. We will spend that time diving deep into developing your craft/skill set and addressing the challenges you want to over come. The sessions are online through a conferencing/chat service. 9If you live in the New York City metro area, in person sessions can be arranged.)

    I only work with people who are dedicated to their own growth and advancement, and will take an active role in their own improvement. To be accountable, present, and able to work towards their goals. Read more about coaching. I look forward to working with you.

    Lets have a chat!

    Contact me. Lets talk about confidence!.

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    Online Classes

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