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Actionable tips to activate your Core Confidence

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The Core Confidence Training workbook is just the thing you need to explore yourself, find your strengths, and boost your confidence.

Along with exploring the concept of confidence, it gives you 14 different methods to unlock your ability to feel comfortable with who you are, become bullet proof to others judgements, and to stand in your truth. From this space, you will be able to see, plan, and achieve your goals. You will project strong energy which will attract people to you and allow you to have the pick of the bunch.

By answering the questions and doing the work that is in this book, you will see yourself in a whole new light. You will be ready to take the pledge to stop undermining yourself and manifest a new reality!

Book Contents

  • What is confidence?
  • How to build your self-confidence
  • Take the Pledge

Book Sample

Question 2. Challenge the things that stand in the way
If you feel you are not good at math, ask yourself, is that true, or is that a perception. Who told you that you were not good? Is that really what you think, or is that a belief that was imported? If you failed at something before, does that mean you are not good at it? Sometimes we allow past failures to project themselves into the future. Challenge that! If you were ever told that you are not manly enough, challenge that!
What are three things you were told about you that you will challenge.

1. _________
2. _________
3. _________

Question 9. Gratitude
Yes, that’s right, be grateful. One of the foundational things you can do to kick up that confidence score board is to look at all the points you already have, and just simply be grateful. Each night, while in bed, I give thanks for having a bed to sleep in. I am grateful for my own place, good friends, and watermelon Arizona ice tea. When I walk in the light of all the things I already have, I feel more confident in who I am. Practicing gratitude is part of living in abundance focused energy, instead of lack focused energy. Gratitude is not a quick phrase before dinner, its a way of life. Stay focused on what you already have, then you will get more. There is always something to be thankful for, even when life feels like it sucks.

Other than being alive, what are three things you are grateful/thankful for?
1. _________
2. _________
3. _________

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