Finding Your Values Mini Course

Self-confidence is key if you want to reach your highest potential. One of the cornerstones of a strong self-confidence is personal values. Wen you know what your values are, everything becomes 10X more simple. With a strong sense of personal values, you will also be able to relax and be yourself in any situation.

Many of us feel that we know our values, but we often have subconscious values that are really running the show, and once we know what they are, we can confidently take more control over our own lives.

What are your values and principles?

In the Finding Your Values course, you will find out what makes you tic…

  • What do you value the most?

  • What kind of people you should keep company with?

  • What environments contribute to your peace of mind and positive growth?

  • What do you need more of to become your best self?

  • How do you see your life right now?

This course will cause you to think deep, and get to the heart of what makes you you. If you find yourself second guessing your choices, indecisive, negative thinking, or you just want to know yourself better, this course is for you!

What you get

This course has four sections in MP3 format, and a PDF guide.

  • Introduction: What are values, where do they come from. Memory lain exercise. (MP3 Time, 6:30)

  • Mod 1, Peaks and Valli’s: Life assessment, look, but don’t judge, feel the weight of who you are. (MP3 Time: 13:12)

  • Mod 2, Conducting Conduct: Weighing your values, deeper look. (MP3 Time: 8:30)

  • Mod 3, Scaling up: Tying things together, remembering your discoveries. (MP3 Time: 9:45)

  • Finding Values PDF guide

  • Free 60 Minute Finding Values session: further work into defining your core values. Session worth $125

    • Full run time: 37 minutes 57 seconds.

You get the best results by taking your time to move through the course. You can take the course again after some time as a refresher.

Take The Course Right Now!

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