Mind Primer For Public Speakers

This book is just the thing to get you ready for public speaking. Before you hit the stage, its important to focus on your mind. Many people feel anxious about speaking in front of others, so this book will prime you with hacks, tips and tricks to boost your confidence and give you the head’s up and head start you need before you hit the stage.

Book Cover for Mind Primers for Public Speakers

  • Introduction
  • Personal cliff notes
  • Part 1: Boosting your confidence.
  • Part 2: Secrets of public Speaking
  • Part 3: Extra communication tips.

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Everything starts in your mind, including your message!

The goal of Core Confidence Life is to turn you into an inspirational, confident public speaker and leader, as well as promoting people who's message is centered around personal development and holistic values. The aim is to assist you in reaching your personal best by educating, inspiring and affirming your natural talents.