Planet Basics for Astrology

Understanding the planets

“Get ready for an eye-opening adventure with our book, ‘Planet Basics’! 🌌📚 We’ll break down the planets, spill the tea on their backstories, and spill even more tea on the unique traits each one brings to the table.

🪐 Discover how these planets influence your life, giving you the lowdown on understanding yourself, reading your birth chart, and handling relationships like a pro. 🌠 This easy-to-follow guide is your go-to manual for getting to know yourself on a whole new level and making sense of the cosmic vibes all around you. 🌟✨ Grab ‘Planet Basics’ now and set sail on a journey to a more enlightened and chill life!”

You will find descriptions of the Sun and Moon as well as all the planets, Moon Nodes, an more. What can Venus tell you about your love life? What can Jupiter tell you about wealth and luck? What can Pluto tell you about transformation? Download and find out!

Introduction from the book

This book is an introduction to the planets and some major points in Astrology. This will be a mix of Hellenistic Astrology and modern astrological concepts. Hellenistic astrology refers to the astrology that was practiced in the Hellenistic period, which lasted from the 3rd century BCE to the 3rd century CE. This period was marked by the influence of Greek culture and thought throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East.

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