The Fuck It Pledge

This is a commitment between you and yourself to be intentional about your personal growth and to let go of inner blocks, limits, self-destructive messages, and stress. It calls on you to commit to manifesting your highest self. Sign it, and keep it as an agreement to yourself.

The Fuck It Pledge


I hereby release myself from any fucks given about any current negative people or situations, others judgments, limiting beliefs, and anything that keeps me playing small.


I hereby release myself from any past fucks given about any past slights, wrongs done towards me, unfair opinions, past failures, and other things that keep me stuck in yesteryear.


I hereby release myself from any future fucks given about any ill thoughts towards me, negative people, future perceived failures, self-deprecating thoughts, and anything that limits my self-actualization.


I hereby commit myself to self-improvement, inner growth and the manifestation of happiness. I give a fuck, and take action on my goals and, to the best of my ability, listen to my soul, align with it, and enhance its role in my life.



You can download it free here.

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