Unshame Your Masculinity

Become a confident masculine attraction master

Unshame Your Masculinity is the book you need when you are looking for a boost in your confidence. Many men feel that some cultural messages attack the concept of manhood, other men feel that there is not enough attention given to men’s development. This book addresses it all.

The three parts of this book explore different areas of building a healthy conscious masculinity.

  • Part 1 gives some hi powered tips on developing self-confidence.
  • Part 2 gives you methods and advice on how to communicate with others while standing in your confidence.
  • Part 3 gives step by step methods and advice on the more effective ways to meet a partner, and the secrets to having a fantastic sex life and how to be confident in your sexuality.

If you are a man or know and care about the men in your life, this book will give some highly needed knowledge to becoming an authentic confident masculine attraction master.


  • Introduction
  • Part 1. Manly Confidence
    • 4 Steps to boost your confidence
    • 4 Things to remember when handling emotions
    • 3 Things to think about when setting your mindset
  • Part 2. Communicate Like A Man
    • 4 Ways to communicate with power
  • Part 3. Owning Your Sexuality
  • 3 Tips to find a partner who likes you for you
  • 6 Ways to have a fantastic sex life
  • The Masculinity in your birthday

You can read the “6 ways to have an awesome sex life” to give you an idea of what you get.

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