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Welcome to the Broadcast Center. This is the place for in house and client shows and podcasts.

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CCL provided shows

Core Confidence Life Podcast

The Core Confidence Life Personal Development Podcast is show dedicated to helping you gain higher consciousness and lower stress. We cover topics around communication, sex, holistic spirituality and more from a male prospective.

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The Pop Top Music Program

Pop Tops is a pop music program that takes you on a surfing safari through pop music history. Playing top ten songs from 1890 to the present. Each show has a theme.

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Member shows and podcasts

The T.SMITH Experience

The T. Smith Experience is a show that inspires creative thinking, life-long learning, and the pursuit of ones passions.

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The It's Just Us Radio Show

The show is a platform for people to share their authentic stories in an effort to help motivate and encourage others to not give up on their dreams. The show covers a wide variety of topics, including performing arts, entertainment, human interest stories and current events. We celebrate ordinary people doing great things and extraordinary people doing everyday, ordinary things.

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