Essay of respect, go do it to yourself!!

Respect is an esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability. When we show respect, we become supportive, understanding, and generous in thought. We give a person that we respect the benefit of the doubt when they show human faults, and when we respect beliefs and traditions, we hold them up as a model.

The mirror effect

The magic about the art of respect is the mirror effect. When we do not respect ourselves, we cannot truly respect others. The same support, understanding and honor we give others should also be given to ourselves. When the object of our respect is attacked, we can become offended, so should we be offended at a lack of respect for ourselves.

Self Respect prompts us to look at ourselves in a new and positive light. It allows us to see ourselves in realistic terms, and assess ourselves fairly. It allows us to look at our works and hold it up as a symbol of personal achievement. It gets us to forgive our own human failings and look at the bigger picture.

Without respect for self and others, we fall victim to a distorted view of the world. It sends us into a lifestyle of self judgment, causes us to cut down others publicly or privately, deface or defame things, and serves as a breakdown in how we move through the world.

Healthy respect causes us to love, protect and cherish ourselves, generate good feelings in others, and promotes social cohesion.

Support your own respect

When you respect yourself, you will act in a manner that will get others to do the same. You will take actions to support self-respect. When you support your own respect, you will not be with lovers or others that treat you bad or people who doubt your abilities. You will not think that other people’s lives are better than yours, or want something because you think you should. You respect the life you have, and work to make it work for you.

You do not settle, you learn to love yourself, you show yourself compassion, and you surround yourself with positive people. You speak of yourself in a positive way that honors who you are.

Ponder this, How far along are you on the path of personal respect?

The Man In The Mirror

As your respect for yourself grows, so will your confidence. Challenge yourself to look in the mirror and change what you see. Take it day-by-day and step-by-step. The “Core Confidence Basic Training Book” will take you through the process of building confidence, self-respect and your people skills.

Challenge yourself to be your best self! Respect yourself by improving yourself!

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