In this essay, the value of friendship is on the table. Friendship is one of my top six values, and its one that binds our community together. In this day and age, true friendship can be hard to come by, so those in our lives that have shown themselves to be true, stop, and give thanks.

As you read this essay, think about the friends you have, think about the feeling of having a close friend, and think about the friend you are.

The magic of Friendship.

Friendship is defined as a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. This connection is the essence of human relationships. A strong friendship benefits all who are involved. It is mutually supportive, creates feelings of happiness, and contributes to the overall health of a person. We are social creatures, and we prosper when we form an enduring bond with another.

A good healthy friendship serves to make each person a better version of themselves each day. A good friend is a companion, a mirror, a motivator, and rides with us through bumpy terrain and storm swept tragedies as well as the warm sunny days of happiness and success.

The art of Friendship

The Art of friendship is being a friend. We must embody the very qualities that we value in another’s friendship. We must also be friends with ourselves. We must show ourselves the same level of openness, understanding and support that we show others. When we show ourselves love and friendship, others will know how to treat us as well.
Without friendship, we can drift aimlessly through life, feel misunderstood, develop anti-social behavior, and other zingers. We can lose touch with humanity, and become swallowed by bitterness and resentment.

At our best

As humans, we are at our best when we maintain strong relationships with others, mirror that connection to ourselves, and foster an environment of progress and positivity.
Are you open to the power of friendship? Are you open to deeper connections with others? How has it been? Let a brother know!