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The Core Confidence life Podcast is a megaphone of motivation. We interview and promote people with a product, service or message that both inspires and entertains the audience. We interview men’s coaches, authors, and performing artists/entertainers who share their life story and lessons learned. We talk openly and honestly about the challenges in life.

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CCL Podcast
March 30, 2019

Check out this podcast with Dennis R Sumlin. This guy “gets” me. 🙂 He is also a great host and really asks the deep questions without being shocking for shock value’s sake. I think I paused and sighed before answering more than I ever have on a podcast because the topic was so layered and he asked such awesome questions. The best podcast I’ve ever done! Let’s get RAW!

CCL Podcast
April 2, 2019

Dennis’s shows are truly great. Extremely motivational and his personal style is easy to listen to, as well as to learn from. Highly recommended. This is really good stuff.

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