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Share your story with other men, help cultivate strength and self-confidence! Your journey will inform another man’s path!

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Dennis R Sumlin, a certified coach and the host of Core Confidence Life (CCL) podcast invites men to share their stories of overcoming lack of confidence or low self-esteem. He is looking for men who have faced challenges around relating to self and others, intimacy/sexuality, or life purpose. They will appear on the 60 minute weekly show to share lessons, tips, and advice to the listeners on moving through life as a young man in the 21st century.

With all the cultural shifts that has taken place over the years, many men are feeling unsure about what manhood is suppose to be today. In addition to that, men’s concerns around image, anxiety, and other personal struggles have historically not been given the attention that it needed, both from society and men themselves, wile shame has continued to silently repress true self acceptance.

The Core Confidence Life seeks to change that. With a laid back but straight forward style, Dennis both provides a space where men can authentically share their journey, and addresses major men’s issues in a supportive, open, and uncensored style.

Based in New York City, The CCL podcast has had guests from all over the US, UK and Canada. Men’s coaches, therapists, authors, and others who work with men have appeared on the show, as well as the average Joe sharing his story. The podcast is heard on TuneIn, Google Podcasts and other podcatchers as well as internet stations based in the US and UK.

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