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Share your story with other men, help cultivate strength and self-confidence! Your journey will inform another man’s path!

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The purpose of the Core Confidence Life podcast is to help and guide men to developing a solid core self-confidence, and breaking through inner limitations in order to become their best self. We discuss all forms of relationships, sex, society and spirituality from a holistic perspective.

We look for fun, open minded, well informed guests that can bring in dept conversation, new prospective, and actionable methods to their topic. Somebody who can move between deep mature conversation to silly humor, all while being direct in their approach and not put off by adult language. Relatable, friendly, can strike easy rapport.

Based in New York City, The CCL podcast has had guests from all over the US, UK and Canada. Men’s coaches, therapists, authors, and others who work with men have appeared on the show, as well as the average Joe sharing his story. The podcast is heard on TuneIn, Google Podcasts and other podcatchers as well as internet stations based in the US and UK.

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