Dennis R Sumlin is a Coach and Educator, and the founder of Core Confidence Life, a personal development service that helps men build public speaking and relationship skills. He also hosts a weekly podcast of the same name.

Distinguished Toastmaster award

Dennis holds a Life Coach certification from Erickson College International, as well as a certification from Toastmasters Speaking and Leadership. He has spoken to colleges, conferences, and to his listeners on his weekly podcast and other outlets about topics around dealing with anxiety and negative self-talk, effective communication, building healthy relationships with self and others, and positive masculine development.

Erickson Certified ICF Accredited Life Coach

The mission of Core Confidence Life is to help men live a more conscious, intentional, soul centered life, break through internal limitations, and be the leaders for their family, friends, and future.

Dennis’s personal and professional background in performing arts, education and men’s development enables him to understand the good, bad and ugly of being a man today, and wants to help others master their inner game and take the field! After battling low confidence, stigmatization, depression and life stagnation Dennis is driven to help other men on their journey, own their power, and unleash the man within!

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You can contact Core Confidence Life for interviews, questions about services and more by email. Dennis@CoreConfidenceLife.COM or fill out the form below.

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