Dennis R Sumlin is the founder and CEO of Core Confidence Life, a communication and education service. As a certified life coach with a background in public speaking, personal development and related areas, he assists internet broadcasters and public service professionals to polish their brand, execute effective strategies, and develop top notch communication skills. His clients have included public office candidates, fortune 100 professionals, as well as college ready teens.

Erickson Certified ICF Accredited Life Coach

Dennis also hosts the Core Confidence Life Podcast, a personal development show that fosters out of the box thinking and holistic approaches to life. He helps bring a new perspective to developing self-confidence, and offers insight, action steps and mini courses around healthy relationships and intimacy, breaking stigma, lowering stress and higher consciousness.

Dennis’s life long passion for breaking limitations, gaining deeper understanding, and using natural talents to help others has enabled him to help clients to rise to their full potential, gain confidence in their abilities, and reach profitable goals.

Distinguished Toastmaster award

Dennis believes that we have the power to decide our own future, step into happiness, and develop a confident and calm mindset. By developing a higher consciousness about ourselves and the world around us, taking complete responsibility for who we are, and taking intentional actions, we can go from where we are to where we never thought we could be.

When Dennis is not unleashing client’s potential, or behind the mic examining cultural issues, he is home in New York reading presidential history or human psychology books, spending time with friends, and tracking the billboard pop charts.

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