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Dennis R Sumlin is a Confidence and Mindset Specialist, and the founder of Core Confidence Life, a men’s personal development service. He hosts a podcast of the same name. With his background in communication, human psychology/sexuality, and eastern spiritual studies, Dennis helps motivated millennial men break the cycle of anxiety and inner limitations so they can achieve the relationships, pleasure and prosperity they desire.

Dennis has been coaching and mentoring young men for over 23 years. He believes that everybody is born with natural talents and an inate sense of self-confidence. Over time and through societies often misguided messages, many men develop low self-esteem, self-doubt, and faults concepts around sex, relationships, success, and everything in between. At the same time, men are told to be confident, think for yourself, and be responsible. Couple that with cultural changes and Fatherless homes, and many men are not sure which way is up.

Dennis knows first hand the struggle to defeat lack of confidence, a low sense of purpose and manhood, and a stagnating, impulsive lifestyle. With no roll model to look up to, Dennis navigated life with a trial and error approach. through many rises and falls, he learned self-discipline,how to accept himself, and the secrets to prosperity, sexual fulfillment, self love, and healthy spirituality. Due to people dismissing his personhood due to his disability, he learned the art of standing up for himself and charting his own path. Dennis believes that every man has a right to be happy, successful and enjoy the natural pleasures that are available.

When a man leans into his core energy, he will experience a massive positive shift in his mindset, performance level, and resilience. Its never too late to start over, its never too late to learn new things, and its never too late to become the man you know you want to be!


Erickson Certified ICF Accredited Life Coach

Dennis has knowledge/expertise in:

  • Public Speaking
  • Goals and principles Development
  • Sexual fulfillment
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Holistic Spirituality
  • NLP
  • Astrology/Numerology

He has worked with fortune 100 employees, public office candidates, inner city foster teens, ESL Students, and other men who needed new approaches to their personal life challenges.

Distinguished Toastmaster award

When Dennis is not helping to unleash men’s potential, or behind the mic examining personal development and breaking down cultural stigmas, he is home in New York reading presidential history, spirituality, or human psychology books, spending time with friends, creating music, and tracking the billboard pop charts.

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